Man wearing helmet and a wireless earpiece

Canaria Technologies have taken on the challenge of designing wearable medical devices that are practical as well as visually appealing to the user.

Charismatic Chair Alex Sorina Moss moved from an arts career in London to predictive biometrics, inspired by space technology to create wearable health-tech devices for high-risk workplaces.

Ms. Moss has a background in running a fashion magazine and an unorthodox art dealership. Unusually, she found a passion for engineering which led her down the path of medical device design and predictive bio-metric systems.

Ms. Moss explains that psychologically, people who need to wear a medical device do not want it to look like a medical device, and rather it should look like something that empowers people. Traditional medical technology is quite cumbersome and impractical to wear.

Alex was faced with the challenge of designing medical technology that was practical as well as visually appealing to the user and getting it to market.

Through the Entrepreneurs’ Programme Accelerating Commercialisation, Canaria was connected with their manufacturing partner, Elexon Electronics, located in Brisbane, Australia to take their prototype into production and out to market.

Canaria have now used a $750,000 Accelerating Commercialisation grant to scale their business to service global markets through the Accelerating Commercialisation grant.

Canaria is now up to their 5th generation of device, which is a wireless earpiece, worn discretely behind the ear.

[AusIndustry] were really good at touching base with us quite early on in our journey
— Alex Sorina Moss, Chair, Canaria Technologies

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