HeliMods Pty Ltd is a technical and engineering leader in helicopter modification, customisation, and configuration management. Accelerating Commercialisation assisted Helimods with design finalisation, achieve certification, and to commercially launch a new innovation - the Powered Aero Loader™ (PAL™). PAL is a zero-lift push-button operated powered stretcher loader system for rapid loading and unloading of road ambulance stretchers.

HeliMods Pty Ltd is a progressive aerospace tech-company that combines cutting-edge technologies with world-class talent.

From their state-of-the-art facility in regional Queensland, they transform helicopters to take on special missions including firefighting, law enforcement and medical rescue.

HeliMods have developed the ‘Powered Aero Loader’ (PAL). PAL is a world-first patient management product that allows paramedics to lift stretchers into helicopters and fleet vehicles seamlessly. Patients can be loaded in less than 30 seconds by one paramedic at the push of a button.

The PAL technology eliminates any compromise between patient care and risk of paramedic injury and can transport a patient weighing up to 318kg (700lbs).

Business Challenges

The journey bringing and launching PAL to a worldwide market has been a significant undertaking for the HeliMods team.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme not only provides the financial support but also the advisory support that lets you commercialise a product and bring it to market effectively.
— Will Shrapnel, Managing Director, HeliMods


Since the introduction of PAL and other new products, HeliMods has increased its revenue by 30 per cent and exports by over 50 per cent.

The business is experiencing high growth and looking to expand the team size and its capabilities.

HeliMods are now delivering their first export contract for PAL in North America.

How the government has helped

HeliMods received a $1,000,000 Accelerating Commercialisation Grant under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme. Assistance and advice from Commercialisation Adviser Keith Steele helped HeliMods develop relationships with supply channels and global networks. Keith Steele also assessed and guided HeliMods through the application process.

The Accelerating Commercialisation Grant helped HeliMods develop a production model with certification, and get PAL to market.

With the support of a programme like this, we can get our products out there globally just as good as our city counterparts.
— Will Shrapnel, Managing Director, HeliMods

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