How one small business took a good hard look, and a big deep breath, to change its focus, with the help of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

Since its inception in 2010, Single Cell Mobile Consulting was tracking along very nicely as a software development and consulting company, with an impressive list of contracts for both federal and state governments.

But a pivot back towards a software focus, set Single Cell on a mission to develop the best-of-breed capabilities in enterprise procurement. It set about building its reputation on Progenitor – a platform that manages intelligence sourcing and supplier contracts, and boosts the strategic potential of procurement teams.

We’d matured enough where we had a product in market and happily deployed in a number of customer sites, but we needed to find the expertise to grow.
— Andre Pinkowski, Commercial director, Single Cell Mobile Consulting

Enter Tony Shannon, digital business adviser with the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, who evaluated Single Cell’s operations and the company’s ambitions, and quickly identified a lack of marketing strategy and sales expertise as its main weak spot.

"It was about growth and developing the opportunities around Progenitor, and we put in place a 2 year plan, with some strong objectives," says Tony.

Through the program, Single Cell engaged a marketing organisation to expose Progenitor to more diverse industries, across Australia and New Zealand.

"The good thing about the Entrepreneurs’ Programme and a business evaluation is being able to draw on an adviser’s individual experience and coordinate that with what the company is trying to do,” says Tony. “It’s bespoke and tailored to the individual client."

A lot can happen in a short time in business, and in January 2019, Single Cell consolidated its Progenitor platform into a new entity, called Portt. The Sydney-based company now offers continues to expand into new markets, including Vietnam.

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