Slingshot is a corporate accelerator program that has successfully run accelerator programs for international and national brands (Qantas, HCF, Caltex, Lion, and more). The I2N Hunter Regional Accelerator is a Slingshot program run in collaboration with University of Newcastle (UON). The Incubator Support initiative funding allowed their program to be accelerated by 2-3 years.

Being an entrepreneur takes so much more than just having a brilliant idea and a relentless passion to convince others you’re onto a really good thing!

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme understands everyone needs support along their business journey, including the Incubators who help the start-ups back themselves!

The program is instrumental in supporting standout, regionally based businesses just like Slingshot, which has been running incubator accelerator programs in conjunction with the University of Newcastle.

At Slingshot, we truly believe that start-ups and entrepreneurships are the future economy for Australia. An accelerator program like ours, really hones in on what the start-up is about and who their consumers are or will be.”
— Lauren Devine, Program Manager, Slingshot

While the Incubator Support initiative is available in metro areas, it also works within regional communities, allowing local start-ups to aspire to global relevance, without feeling they have to move to a capital city.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme provided Slingshot with the ability to accelerate its program and build a strong connection with the University of Newcastle.

“We have a real deep desire to be able to grow start-ups and the entrepreneur eco-system in Newcastle, because there are just so many opportunities, and some really clever people,” says Lauren.

The I2N Hunter Regional Accelerator is a locally focused program on two levels – one for entrepreneurs who are at pre-accelerator level, and the other for identifying start-ups who are ready to fly with their innovative product or service.

Slingshot can also boast clients including Qantas, HCF, and Caltex, which have benefited from accelerator programs for their national and global branding.

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