Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount
Tuggeranong Hotel Management Pty Limited Alpha Motel Air Conditioning Uplift Program $20,000
Booderee property Pty Ltd Install LED lighting and energy efficient inline exhaust ventilation systems $10,000


Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount
Sea-Eagle Estate Pty. Ltd. Install modern inverter split system air-conditioners $25,000
D.B Hynes & M.B Hynes Install energy efficient equipment using the latest technologies. $20,795
Rowney Nominees Pty Ltd Install new generation reverse cycle air conditioning units, fitment of double glazed windows/doors and fitment of insulation batts to the ceiling cavities $25,000
Soukhyam Pty Ltd Install new energy efficient split system air conditioner, LED lighting and heavyweight window coverings $15,000
Pengar Nominees Pty Ltd Hamilton Hume Motor Inn Curtin and Pelmet Upgrade $22,000
Surewin Australia Pty Ltd Install window film and LED light fittings $15,730
Chang Zhi Investment Pty Ltd install new solar hot water heaters and split system air conditioners $24,775
The Lucky Hotel Trading Company Pty Ltd Refrigeration System Upgrade and Type 1 Energy Audit $25,000
Tacor Pty Ltd Upgrade of the Air Conditioning $25,000
Project Etico Australia Limited Replace the hotel guest laundry's washing machine, dryer and restaurant refrigerators with more efficient models $10,000
A.M Dunn & R.J Dunn Install split system airconditioning, LED lighting and replacement of inefficient room bar refrigerators. $21,750
Euabalong Hotel Management Pty Ltd Install new Daiken US7 split-system 7 star super-efficient 2.5kW air conditioners, Electrolux 9kg front-loading washing with a 5-star energy rating, Bosch 9kg energy efficient heat pump 9-star energy rating model with fast drying and autodry functions, new more efficient 3 door Skope bar fridge, replacement of non-LED lighting with LED lighting. $19,365
Jonekim Pty Ltd Install new air conditioners and refrigerators $24,209
Hao Management Pty Ltd Install new hot water heat pumps, more efficient energy labelled washing machines, new induction cooktops, LED lighting $24,893
Criterion Hotel Grenfell Pty Ltd Criterion Refrigeration Upgrade $25,000
Orana Motel Dubbo Pty Ltd Hot water upgrade $25,000
TTAAS Thommo's Training & Assessment Systems Pty Ltd Upgrade the building fabric $23,900
B3 Relyon Pty Ltd Install ceiling insulation, double glazed windows and smart air conditioning. $25,000
J.R Harders & V.A Wilson Install more energy efficient split system air conditioners , install auto sun awnings and insulating blinds $16,639
Clarkwell Pty Ltd install LED lighting, inverter air-conditioners and new refrigeration $21,040
Harjess Investments Pty Ltd Install new air conditioners and roller shutters $24,474
J Baker & L.W Brown Install new blinds and curtains, 2 washing machines and Solar Hot Water systems. $20,300
J & J Kenworthy Pty Limited Install reverse cycle inverter split system and energy saving refrigerator, freezer and dryer. $15,603
Nibranan Pty Ltd Install new air conditioning systems and refrigeration $24,775
G.A Rankmore & D.L Rankmore Install new energy efficient split system air conditioner $25,000
Gibbons Hotels Pty Ltd Replace Hot Water and Air Conditioning $25,000
Nicmay Pty Ltd Install energy efficient split system air conditioners and heavy block out drapes $17,968
Circa Hotels Pty Ltd Install inverter air conditoning systems $25,000
Josfos Holdings Pty Ltd Upgrade to energy efficient Cooling & energy efficient glass & lighting $22,725
Medina Property Services Pty Limited LED Lighting Upgrade $25,000
Myall Motel Pty Ltd Install LED lighting and new refrigerator $12,095
Flagfall Australia Group Pty Ltd Air Conditioner Updates $25,000
Tathra Beach House Apartments Pty Ltd External Lighting Replacement $12,120
Parklands Country Garden & Lodges Pty Ltd Install LED lighting systems $25,000
Jus Snoozin Pty Ltd PVM LED Lighting & Air-con upgrade $22,500
Transitional Investments Pty Ltd Upgrade to more Energy Efficient Refrigerators $18,327
Fortnight Pty Ltd Install new split systems, new heat pump dryer, and LED lighting $25,000
Sun Frisco Hotel Pty Ltd Energy Efficient Appliances $25,000
Sour and Bitter Pty Ltd Install LED lighting, split system air conditioners $25,000
A.S Liu & T.Y Liu Installation of double glazed windows, upgrading of air conditioner $21,780
Megaptera Pty Ltd Install LED lighting, split system air conditioners $25,000
Jp Rodgers & Mc Rodgers Install new inverter systems, new heat pump dryer, energy efficient washing machine solar heat pump for hot water and LED lighting $21,429
M P Forbes Pty Limited Install double glazing windows, LED lighting and refrigerator $24,000
Bluebags Nominees Pty Limited Install double glazed windows, reverse cycle air conditioners $25,000
Ap Providores Pty Ltd Install LED lighting, new refrigeration, reverse cycle air conditioners, instant gas hot water system $19,924
J & O Pty Ltd LED installation $25,000
Wu & Chen Ause Pty Ltd Install double glazed windows, heat pump dryer, solar heating for pool $20,000
Valaze Group Number 3 Pty Ltd Energy efficient air conditioners for Rockpool Motor Inn $11,700
Georgina Project Pty Ltd Install energy efficient fridges, LED lights , new air conditioning $25,000
Ladturn Pty Limited CINS Upgrade of inefficient appliances $13,200
Rkb Hotels Pty Ltd Thermal Insulation in roof space and install new inverter systems $25,000
Home Inn Australia Pty Ltd energy audit, install air conditioner sensors and LED lights $25,000
Hunziker Properties Pty Ltd Lighting & Ventilation efficiency $25,000
Milestones Motels Pty Ltd Replace windows with double glazed windows $25,000
Gowrie Management Pty Ltd Install inverter air conditioning systems $25,000
Ca & Ja Wakley Pty Ltd Replacement of obsolete and non-efficient electrical items $25,000
Nkbampy Pty Ltd Replacement of Windows with New energy efficient glass $25,000
Zarmadgeo Pty Limited Upgrade to energy efficient air conditioning units in all motel units $20,564
Tchell Nominees Pty Ltd upgrade of the window coverings and window film installation. $24,000
Expec Pty Ltd Installation of Power Factor Correction $10,865
New South Wales Masonic Club Feasibility study of AC Upgrade, Install VSD on Pumps and building shading $22,220
Msd Beaven Pty Ltd Install LED lighting, reaplce old compressors and refrigeration units $25,000
Valaze Group Number 4 Pty Ltd Energy efficient airconditioners for Matilda Motor Inn $18,649
Regional Motels Pty Ltd ZEBRA MOTEL AIRCON $25,000
K.D Daniels & R.B Daniels inverter split systems; replace lighting with LED lighting and replace the pool pump with a variable speed pump $25,000
Charles Sturt West Wyalong Pty Ltd Charles Sturt Cooling & Heating Enhancements $25,000
Sweeney Family Motels Pty Ltd INVERTER split system units $21,780
D Stanojevic & V Stanojevic Upgrading air conditioning system in a motel $25,000
Gosford R S L Club Ltd Motel Window Upgrade & Installation of Energy Efficient Air Conditioning $25,000
The Falls Mountain Retreat Pty Ltd Upgrading existing lighting to LED $25,000
Rulecroft Pty Ltd Replace split system air-conditioners $25,000
Pivotal Entertainment Pty Ltd split system air conditioning units $21,035
Golden Crown Pty Ltd LED lighting, inverted reverse cycle air conditioning, solar panels to the roof, upgrade coolrooms to a larger size unit so we can remove additional fridges and freezers $25,000
Gainsdale no. 2 pty ltd LED lighting, installing smart timers to regulate hot water systems or air-conditioning systems, upgrading pool/spa heating with efficient water heating and pumps, aircon replacements and upgrades $24,000
Tourist Hotel Narrabri Pty Ltd roof insulation through the top floor of the hotel, modern halogen lighting and installing heat pumps $24,000
Moree & District Services Club Ltd Energy Audit And Installation of Energy Monitoring System $24,432
A.R Berrigan & L.T Berrigan split inverter air conditioners $17,000
The George Hotel Pty Ltd Supply and installation of 1 x 450 kVA (630 Amp) Ark Max voltage optimisation unit with manual bypass and auto voltage bypass features. $25,000
A.J Painter & S.A Painter New Inverter driven reverse cycle A/C's $21,120
AMCO Argyle Pty Limited HVAC Control Upgrade - Common Condenser Water System for DX AC units $25,000
Hotel Space Pty Ltd energy efficient fridges, LED lighting $25,000
K.J Sterling & M.J Sterling Update equipment to reduce energy consumption (fridges, washing machines, celling fans, blinds and curtains and energy efficient lighting). Upgrade building fabric to save energy (external shades, replacing windows to double glaze, insulate walls and roof/celling) $25,000
Shan (Aust) Group Pty Ltd Old aircons replacement $25,000
Royal Hotel Guyra Pty Ltd Replace and upgrade 9 windows $22,433
Inz Group Pty Ltd Replacement of our existing pool heater with a new solar heater, to reduce energy consumption. Replacement of our existing pool pump with a variable speed pump, to reduce energy consumption. Installation of new sensor controllers for existing split system airconditioning equipment $25,000
Miller Motels Pty Ltd Install a Smart Energy Management system, Smart Lighting systems, Smart Climate Control systems, upgrade windows from single glazed to triple glazed $24,000
G.I Hamilton & T.M Hamilton Upgrading air conditioners, replace existing hot water system, replace fridges with up to date energy efficient ones $18,000
Iaac Pty Ltd Guestroom Window Upgrades $25,000
Chluma Holdings Pty Ltd Hot Water Solar Pre-heat $25,000
Andlyn Pty Ltd upgrade hot water and air conditioning systems $24,258
Mccune Kelly Pty Ltd Hot water Upgrade $25,000
Melufa Pty Ltd Replacement of single glazed windows to triple glazed windows $25,000
Alfred Hotel Management Pty Ltd LED lighting, window furnishings, air conditioning $20,000
One Twelve Pty Ltd insulation to ceiling and walls, install LED lights $19,500
R & Z Palmer Pty Ltd split system air conditioning, install window film $22,650
Steve Ayling And Associates Pty Limited upgrade air conditioning system, install new parallel low temperature condensing boiler $24,000
Faulconbridge Motel Pty Ltd install inverter-driven split-system, replace washing machine and dryer, replace freezer, rdouble-glazed window $24,212
Verettilly Pty Ltd Window insulation, replace washing machines $12,749
K Salsbury & J.T Tait & L Tait & R.T Tait Sky Rider Energy Uplift Project $25,000
Astoria Venture Pty Ltd LED lights controlled by motion sensors, new fridges, new electric submeters and reprogrammed hand held AC controllers $25,000
Pil Investments Pty Ltd air conditioner, fridges, hot water system, washing machines, LED lights and window drapes $25,000
Deodock Pty Limited solar hot water systems, dual zone electronic timers to the existing hot water systems power supply, LED lighting. $25,000
Home Inn Group Pty Ltd Electrical Audit, Aircondition upgrade and senor install, LED light upgrade $25,000
Rgi Enterprises Pty Ltd Energy Audit And Installation of Energy Monitoring System $24,132
Myhan Pty Ltd Install double glazed windows $25,000
J&J Barnes Pty Ltd Window replacement $25,000
Khurana Group Pty Ltd replace air conditioners, refrigerators, install LED lights $25,000
Benipal Enterprise Pty Ltd replace air-conditioners, install Pool Covers and pool pumps, LED Lights, Roofing and Insulation $24,750
Wds Hotels Pty Ltd Install electronically commutated energy efficient ceiling fans, LED Lighting with motion sensors $23,640
Australian Leisure And Hospitality Group Pty Limited Window furnishings $25,000
Jr Hotels Pty Ltd installation of insulation in roof spaces, replacement of non inverter split systems, replacing our main fridges $25,000
R.S Gray & K Knaggs Upgrade refrigeration $15,767
Ganesh Maharaj Pty Ltd installation of blackout blinds/category “C” blinds to all windows, installation of highly energy efficient air conditioning units, window film. $24,869
Monarovale Pty Ltd split system air conditioining, replace washing machines and heat pump dryer $20,000
Istayed Pty Ltd refrigeration, air conditioning, window fabric $24,032
Tucked Inn Pty Ltd Replace Curtains and Pelmets $20,087
Anthony Boots Investments Pty Ltd Install ceiling insulation bats $25,000
Scott Malcolm & Janice Blue Diamond Air Conditioner Upgrade $20,577
Kelly & Co Hotels Pty Ltd Energy audit, light replacement, natural refrigeration on air conditioners and remote sensors. $25,000
The White Tank Hotel Pty Ltd White Tank Hotel Roof Insulation $25,000
Jm & As Pty Ltd 21st Century Split Systems $19,122
Honeytrans Pty Ltd air conditioning and solar system $19,900
Nage Holdings Pty Ltd Lake Mulwala Hotel - Motel Heating & Cooling Upgrade $25,000
Divine Life Pty Ltd The Cottage Motor Inn hot water system upgrade $25,000
Warkat Hospitality Pty Ltd Energy audit, LED lights, inverter systems $24,000
Australian Robotics Science Pty Ltd Replace LED light through the building & upgrade fabric $25,000
Ktdjf Investments Pty Ltd inverter split systems, EC fans, LED lights $25,000
Divisha & Manomai Pty Ltd Energy Audit And Installation of Energy Monitoring System $24,380
Schwartz Family Co Pty Ltd Energy Audit $16,000
Veer_Mori Pty Ltd Aircon Replace for energy saving with inverter and 5 star rating $25,000
Khurana Enterprises Pty Ltd Update Aircon and refrigerators $25,000
The Convent Hunter Valley Resort Pty Ltd Energy audit, LED lights $25,000
Sunshine Garden Motel Pty Ltd HVAC Energy Efficiency Upgrade for guest rooms $25,000
J.M Carroll & J.N Radcliffe airconditioning $25,000
Rich River Golf Club Ltd air conditioners and refrigeration equipment. $25,000
Airport Developments (Nsw) Pty Ltd Lighting upgrade $25,000
Tryden Pty Ltd HVAC Upgrade $25,000
Blue mountains retreats accommodation group pty. Limited LED lighting $25,000
Vinci Hospitality Group Pty Ltd LED lights and heavy weight blockout curtains replacement $25,000
Valaze Group Number 2 Pty Ltd Energy efficient airconditioners for Harvest Lodge Motel $14,727
M J Black And C R Durrant Replace existing non-inverter air conditioners $10,000
Northshack Pty Ltd Aircon, heating and lighting upgrade $25,000
Gardner's Inn Trading Pty Ltd Window Double Glaze $10,000
Nsw Hotel Management Pty Ltd Heat recovery feasibility & boiler upgrade feasibility assessment $25,000
A.p.v.c. Ltd Condenser Water system control upgrade and lighting upgrade $25,000
Bremma-Lee Pty Ltd Lighting Upgrade $25,000
Nyngan R S L Civic Club Ltd Energy Audit And Smart Monitoring System Installation $24,570
Kembla Property Group Pty Ltd air conditioning, refrigeration, washing machines $25,000


Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount
Reidy Investments Pty Ltd Energy Management using historically proven Technologies $24,946
Gyk Nt Pty Ltd Block-out curtains, LED lights, inverter air conditioners, washing machines and fridges. $25,000
Tchia Familytrust & Skykym Pty Ltd Inverter systems, LED lights $25,000
Ting Family Investments Pty Ltd Energy Saving - reduce AirCondition use $25,000
Halikos Pty Ltd refrigeration and air conditioning $23,320


Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount
P.C Larsson & H Larsson air-conditioning systems, hot water systems and refrigerators $25,000
Balfour Property Venture Pty Ltd LED lighting, Aircon replacements and upgrades, Energy Audit $25,000
Zed Hospitality Australia Pty Ltd Replace window Air Conditioners $25,000
Maceway Pty Limited Installation and replacement of energy efficient devices $25,000
Island Properties Pty Ltd Replacement of aging AC units with more energy efficient $24,900
KB Invests In Best Pty Ltd inverter systems, LED lights $22,230
Dellboys Cambooya Pty Ltd Upgrading Heating/Cooling Systems in Accommodation $20,503
Relax Inn Pty Ltd split systems $24,999
A & G Hotels Pty Ltd split systems, LED lights $25,000
Jaylee3 Pty Ltd Energy Audit And Installation of Energy Monitoring System $23,381
Roscoff Pty Ltd double glazed windows, ceiling insulation $22,534
Bar Family Pty Ltd Upgrade of Air conditioners in Motel $25,000
JDI Holdings Pty Ltd Heating cooling ventilation and air conditioning $25,000
Potinak Pty Ltd split systems, LED lights $24,900
Istapr Pty Ltd split systems, LED lights $25,000
Alexndill Pty Ltd Split System Air conditioners $25,000
The Trustee For The George Webster Family Trust & The Trustee For The Bill Webster Family Trust split system, refrigeration $20,738
Patrille Pty Ltd Replace existing fridges with new more efficient fridges $17,774
R & K Gitsham Pty Ltd upgrade cool rooms, LED lights $19,418
Townsville Seaside Apartments Pty Ltd inverter systems $22,700
Tardent Investments Pty Ltd inverter drive R32 reverse cycle split systems. LED lights $25,000
AF Hotels Seq Pty Ltd washing machines, refrigerators, window tinting $25,000
True North Management Pty Ltd LED Lights, refrigeration, washing machines and dryers $22,324
Dermark Pty Ltd LED lights, window fabric $13,720
MLI Pty Ltd Energy saving windows and blinds $25,000
Rnr Motels Pty Ltd Upgrade Equipment to Reduce Energy Consumption $21,700
B&J Tourism Pty Ltd inverter systems, LED lights $24,900
Horton 2033 Investments Pty Ltd LED lights, inverter systems, heavy drapes, WELS rated water products, energy audit $21,500
Rah Motels Pty Ltd Air Conditioning Upgrade $25,000
Leichardt Twb Pty Ltd air conditioning $24,719
D.J Lloyd & L.M Lloyd The Town House – Window Furnishings & LED Upgrades $24,461
Out The Back Australia Pty Ltd ceiling and wall insulation, double glaze windows $25,000
Baldotto Ricaldone Pty Ltd Upgrade energy hungry equipment to energy efficient equipment $25,000
Jellican Pty Ltd Replace inefficient carpark ventilation fan and air conditioners $25,000
Sonyallan Pty Ltd air conditioning, LED lights $25,000
Handa Family Investments Pty Ltd Air conditioner & Hotwater replacement and upgrade $22,400
K.E Hatten & M.H Hatten & T Hatten & South Pacific Concept Limited & D Sturdee inverter systems, LED lights, refrigeration $23,230
Mueller Holdings Pty Ltd Replace existing Air conditioners in Accommodation $25,000
Dutana Pty Ltd Energy Audit $24,398
Roudoudou Pty Ltd Air con replacement and upgrade ventilation $20,000
B Mclennan & I.R Mclennan Solar Hot Water for energy efficiency $25,000
Graleah Pty Ltd Ventilation & Cooling Upgrade $25,000
B.V Kellaris & E Kellaris & J Kellaris Split-System Air Conditioners, heavy weight Blinds and Heavy Weight Drapes $24,521
Hordra Pty Ltd Motel Air Conditioning Upgrade $24,500
Thompson & Beattie Pty Ltd Aircon Upgrade $25,000
H.W Anning & L.M Anning split system air conditioners, coldshield commercial air curtains and blinds. $21,351
Overview Pty Ltd hot water heat pump, inverter split systems, window drapes $25,000
C.E Madders & D.C Madders inverter systems, LED lights $25,000
Cleveland Pacific Resort Pty Ltd Upgrading hot water system of Comfort Hotel Cleveland $25,000
Hotel Corones Charleville Pty Ltd split system air conditioners $25,000
Xoli Pty Ltd air conditioners, refrigeration, LED lights $24,539
Valletta Investments Pty Ltd split systems, refrigeration $24,100
Cover Holdings Pty Ltd Air Conditioning upgrade $25,000
Australia Xinrun Investment Pty Ltd Remodelling and piping ho twater system $17,563
Mistwood Nominees Proprietary Limited Replacement of aging AC units with more energy efficient $24,900
Giarn Cairns Hotel Pty Ltd Ramada Hotel Insulation, Lighting & A/C upgrades $25,000
Mcnair Holdings Pty Ltd Noosa Sun Motel $15,450
L.A Entriken & N.F Entriken & D.B Flint inverter reverse cycle air conditioners $25,000
Nothing Wrong Pty Ltd Install modern screening and shuttering to provide shade on exterior windows, double glazed windows and exterior shades, LED lighting, fridges, split system units, electronically commutated fans, washing machine $25,000
Jilrift Pty Limited LED lights, hot water systems, air-conditioning systems, pool heating with efficient water heating and pumps $25,000
Just One Hotel Pty Ltd air conditioning $20,920
Prettejohn Administration Pty Ltd Airconditioning upgrade at Thala $25,000
DRM Financial Services Pty Ltd air conditioning, LED lights $25,000
Boscorp Clan Pty Ltd split system air conditioners and LED lighting. $24,582
Hidden Valley Caravan Park Pty Ltd heat pump or solar hot water systems $25,000
Mkw Hospitality Pty Ltd Reduce Heating and cooling consumption $22,500
Jm Loughrey & Mn Loughrey Install energy efficient air-conditioners at The Park Hotel $22,500
Boulia Hotel Operations Pty Ltd Air-Conditioning $25,000
Labada Investments Pty Ltd refrigeration system $12,200
J.B Harrison & M.R Harrison Cold Room upgrade $25,000
G.S Muller & R.M Muller inverter reverse cycle split systems, LED lights, double glazed windows, insulating blinds $24,950
Jimissin Pty Ltd LED Room changeover $13,883
Toraya Services Pty Ltd Replace Box Airconditioners with Energy Efficient Split AC Units $25,000
HFG Hotels Pty Limited Master Bedroom Aircon Upgrade $25,000
Chriswillbuild Pty Ltd Split systems, electronically commutated fans. LED lighting, e-coating to windows $22,810
Beach House Motel air conditioning, block out roller blinds $22,764
A Fenwick & M.L Fenwick LED lights, air conditioning units and fridges $23,157
Cero Nominees Pty Ltd Replacement of aging AC units with more energy efficient $24,900
Emaa Nominees Pty Ltd Upgrade Air conditioning to the Western Gateway Motel $25,000
Gcc Hotel Group Pty Ltd HVAC Upgrade and Building Management System $25,000
Dream Seeds Pty Ltd Upgrade to energy efficient refrigerators and air conditioners $22,727
Stephen Cover Investments Pty Ltd split systems, double glazing of windows and installing roof insulation $22,000
Esjayar Pty Ltd inverter air conditioners and electric hot water heater $25,000
Springsure Developments Pty Ltd shade blinds $21,512
Meadowbrook (Qld) Pty Ltd split system air conditioners, double glazed windows $22,400
W.B Garrod & K.J Mclennan reverse cycle air conditioning, window tint $21,726
Bahney Pty Ltd reverse cycle energy efficient air conditioners, a pool cover, replace old electric cooktops with induction cooktops $19,900
Convex Pty Ltd LED lighting, air conditioning, HWS, refrigeration units, laundry systems $25,000
Windsor Dalby Pty Ltd Installation and replacement of energy efficient devices $25,000
Palmerin & Victoria Pty Ltd split systems, LED lights $25,000
Vanii Pty Ltd Reduce energy cost through Installation of LED lights and EMS system $24,984
M J Blue Pty Ltd split systems, LED lights $18,962
Mckinlay Holdings Qld Pty Ltd inverter systems, LED lights $25,000
J.E Johnson & R.M Johnson Air Con Upgrade $16,500
Mainrace Pty Ltd inverter systems, LED lights $25,000
The Glen Hotel Pty Ltd Replacement of Accommodation Air Conditioning Condensers $25,000
D.P Harrison & B.N Scott & S.J Scott & D Winfield Complete upgrading of lighting and fans in apartments $11,069
Majyk Pty Ltd New Fridges and EC Ceiling Fans $23,655
Motel Investments Pty Ltd refrigeration equipment $12,905
Garrett Hospitality Regional Hotels Pty Ltd Replacement of Air con and Fridges $25,000
Everard Pty Ltd inverter systems, LED lights $21,560
Hunt Enterprises Pty Ltd air conditioning, refrigeration, insulation $25,000
Queens Court Hotel Pty Ltd Solar Installation + Curtains $25,000
Time To Grow Pty Ltd Air Conditioner/hot water Upgrades $24,292
Nevgold Pty Ltd air conditioning, LED lights $25,000
A.J Mulcahy & T.A Scott air conditioning, LED lights, roof insulation $25,000
Spicers Retreats, Hotels & Lodges Pty Ltd LED lighting, hot water systems, air-conditioning systems, pool heating $25,000
Nickfield Pty Ltd hot water heat pumps $25,000
MPQ Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Lighting and Fan upgrade $25,000
Flynns Inn Pty Ltd energy audit, hot water service, LED lighting, pool heat pump $16,500
Snuggleinntight Stanthorpe Pty Ltd Replace Aged Air Conditioning Units $20,800
Marlie Enterprises Pty Ltd air conditioning, LED lights $22,727
Hendref Pty Ltd 31 The Rocks Split System Air Conditioner Upgrades $15,000
Pacific Regis Management Pty Ltd Nirvana Common Area Aircon Upgrade $25,000
Tiarco Holdings Pty Ltd air conditioning, LED lights, pool pump, washing machines $25,000
Gainsdale Pty Ltd LED lighting, hot water systems, air-conditioning systems. $25,000
Glenlaton Investments Pty Ltd Upgrade Air Conditioners to Inverter Technology $24,000
Celestine investments (qld) pty. Limited Sanctuary Retreat Refrigeration Refresh $24,657
Longreach Venture Pty Ltd Air Conditioning Upgrade $25,000
Moffat Beach Enterprises Pty Ltd air conditioning, energy audit $25,000
Fnq Agri Trading Pty Ltd energy saving initiative (equipment upgrade) $25,000
Castellano Impero Investment Services Pty Ltd Air Conditioner Units Upgrade $25,000
Windmolen Pty Ltd roof insulation $13,062
Smitham Hotel Pty Ltd air conditioning $25,000
Silent Sentinel Pty Ltd reverse cycle split systems $25,000
C Stone & M.D Swain Upgrade power board to be able to install down split systems $23,000
C.T Peterson & C.V Peterson air conditioning, refrigeration, LED lights, window tint $19,709
Outback Longreach Pty Ltd inverter split system air-conditioners $25,000
Dekm Enterprises Pty Ltd air conditioners, window drapes, refrigeration, LED lights $22,307
Saray'i Pty Ltd air conditioning, window tints and drapes $25,000
Nirvana Group Pty Ltd air conditioning, solar system, double glazing $21,000
Designed Logistical Solutions Pty Ltd Replacement of inefficient energy consumption Air conditioning and Lighting $25,000
Reef Management Group Pty Ltd Hot water System Replacement $25,000


Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount
Dsks Investments Pty Ltd hot water system $25,000
Miles Handy Services Pty Ltd Replacement of lightweight window coverings $24,100
Martony Investments Pty Ltd Comfort Inn Victor Harbor Air Conditioning Upgrade $22,727
Pentroth Pty Ltd Air conditioning upgrade $24,882
Majestic M Suites Pty Ltd Control modifications to air conditioning $19,979
Antibes Family Trust & Monaco Family Trust & Toulon Family Trust Glazing Upgrade $25,000
A.K Caire & B.L Caire refrigeration, heat pump heater, dryer with heat pump dryer, install awning over window $13,950
D.P Hartley & W.A Hartley Air Conditioner upgrade $25,000
Fulwood Enterprises Pty Ltd Inverter Split Systems $20,384
T&G 1925 Pty Ltd Lighting up-grade project $25,000
River Rentals Pty Ltd installation of air source heat pump hot water services $17,620
D.s. & r.a. Maddern pty ltd Heating Lighting & Upgrade Building fabric $25,000
J.r. & s.j. Graney pty ltd Upgrade of Air Conditioners at Avalon Motel (Mount Gambier) $22,965
Yvonne A Pickford And John F Wyk Grand Hotel Millicent Energy Efficient Bar Refrigeration Project $24,500
Wr & C Edmonds Pty Ltd solar pool heating systems $24,100
Jarharpur Pty Ltd split systems, window tint, double glazing $14,920
Skytrek Willow Springs Station Pty Ltd split systems, LED lights $12,112
Benchin Pty Ltd Motel Room Air conditioner Replacement Project $25,000
New Terry Hotel And Golf Resort Pty Ltd Rooms Air-conditioning Project $25,000
R4e Pty Ltd Air Conditioning & Ceiling Insulation Upgrade $25,000
Cqcooper Investments Pty Ltd water heaters, air-conditioning units, cooktops and 3 large fridges $25,000
Townhouse Investments Pty Ltd Balcony room Double glazed windows install $25,000
SM & KA BROWN heavyweight coverings, LED lights, pool heat pump $25,000
S.K Parsons & M Svec Apartments on Tolmie kitchen and laundry appliance upgrades $22,200
Gum Pub Pty Ltd Insulation $10,000
Mclaren Vale Motel & Apartments Pty Ltd double glazing $25,000
Karoonda Investments Pty Ltd Installing solar panels, insulation $10,000


Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount
Sawyers Bay Shacks Pty Ltd insulation $25,000
Hotel Queenifornia Pty Ltd Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Installations $25,000
Parklane Motel Pty Limited LED lights $25,000
Hadley's Hotel Hobart Pty Ltd Replacement of John Webb Air Conditioner $25,000
Risdon Holding Pty Ltd Replacing heater in Oast Inn $25,000
Blue Waters Orford Pty Ltd tinted double glazed windows $25,000
Blue seas holiday villas Pty Ltd double glazed windows, sun screen and block out window furnishings, LED lighting and new split system air conditioners. $25,000
Southlander Group Pty Ltd Riverfront Motel and Villas; window thermal efficiency improvements $25,000
Leisure Inn Penny Royal Pty Ltd installation of heat pumps $25,000
H2 Living Group Pty Ltd Reverse Cycle Heat Pump $15,000
Mrrc Pty Ltd LED lights, heat pumps $25,000
Picnic Island Pty Ltd Picnic Island solar hot water. $12,000
Hotel Launceston Pty Ltd Energy efficient replacement windows and entry doors to enclose Hotel $25,000
Oakford Australia Pty Ltd heat pump dryers $25,000
Southern Beaches Solutions Pty Ltd double-glazed windows, refrigeration $25,000


Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount
Junekathryn Pty Ltd refrigeration, window coverings, split systems $25,000
Eureka And King Pty Ltd Upgrade Inefficient Heating & Cooling $25,000
Billabong Wangaratta Pty Ltd Upgrading LED’s, blinds, refrigeration and double-glazing windows. $25,000
Great Ocean Road Hotel Group Pty Ltd split systems, hot water systems, kitchen equipment, LED lights $25,000
Perlow Oaks Pty Ltd Secondary Double Glazing $19,600
Stephen N & Barbara A Donelly Hot water efficiency up-grade $25,000
Maciulis & Son Pty Ltd air conditioning, LED lights $25,000
Mclean Investment Trust & P & R Murphy Investment Trust & R & P Coburn Family Trust & Templeton Investment Trust & The Trustee For FJ & EA Old Family Trust inverter systems, window blinds $11,875
Nevergreen Pty Ltd Double-Glazed Window Upgrade $25,000
Peterborough House Motel Pty Ltd LED lights, solar hot water systems, refrigeration, washing machine $12,165
X Dong & J Wang split-system air conditioners, heat pump dryers $14,680
Margaret Ann Garde Pty Ltd Washers and Dryers upgrade $24,990
Agius Hospitality Pty Ltd Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Upgrade $25,000
Peter J Neverauskas & Gillian L Smith Upgrade to Solar Hot Water Heaters and Split System Air Conditioners $22,463
P & N Hawkins Pty Ltd double glazed windows $25,000
Qing Qing Pty Ltd New Air Conditioner at Hotel $25,000
Mclaren Hotel's Group Pty Ltd Split Air Conditioner Upgrade $22,000
MFB Enterprises Pty Ltd double glazed and tinted windows, refrigeration $19,632
Pine Investments Proprietary Limited Upgrading aircon unit and 100% block out blinds $19,217
Ctb Hospitality Pty Ltd air conditioning, window drapes $25,000
Admirari twenty five pty. Ltd. Upgrade air-conditioning units $25,000
C.A Ormrod & D.A Ormrod upgrade heating and cooling, upgrade drapes in guest room, pool pump $25,000
F&S Mccolley Pty Ltd split systems, pool pump $24,760
Thirty Fourth Leighro Pty Ltd Upgrade to air-conditioning and whitegoods and install block-out blinds $21,275
Fanua Pty Ltd Energy Uplift - window thermal efficiency $25,000
Global Consolidated Industries Pty Ltd inverter systems, refrigeration $23,500
Da Mitchell Pty Ltd inverter systems, hot water systems, window drapes, LED lights $25,000
Lakeside Shepparton Motor Inn Pty Ltd Upgrade air-conditioning units and installation of 100% block-out drapes. $25,000
Australian Pacific Inns Pty Ltd Replace Old air conditioners $12,600
Ovens View Pty Ltd energy saving $25,000
24 Hour Check In Motels Pty Ltd 2021 24H Replacement 16 Non-Inverter Air conditioners $18,873
Yakehouse Pty Ltd double glazed windows, drapes and insulation $25,000
Court House Talbot Pty Ltd air conditioning, window drapes, kitchen equipment $14,037
Munitus Pty & Alan G & Helen M Stevens & Daryl C & Kathleen M Jago insulation, window drapes $25,000
Dahlwin Pty Ltd Double glazing of 19 hotel windows $24,655
H & C International Trade Pty Ltd air conditioning, LED lights, refrigeration $25,000
L.C Bruce & J.P Hilvert Energy window treatment project $21,500
Ausfil Pty Ltd Upgrade Air Conditioning Units $21,470
Great Western Enterprises Pty Ltd double glazing, reverse cycle air conditioning, insulation to ceiling space, heavy drapes $25,000
Tyrian Services Pty Ltd wall controllers with temperature sensors for air conditioning $25,000
K Slattery & The Trustee For Ridge Family Trust & The Trustee For Slattery Family Trust SOLAR EVACUATED HOT WATER SYSTEM INSTALLATION $16,615
Derl Pty Ltd air conditioning, LED lights, double glazed windows; installation of window pelmets and heavy weight curtains. $25,000
Ross W & Colleen M Dewhurst double glazed windows and install ceiling insulation, dryer with heat pump, refrigeration $21,786
Riverdeck Enterprises Pty Ltd Goldfields go Green- upgrade of windows to double glazed $23,885
Sanguine Hotels Pty Ltd Double glazed windows $25,000
K.M Billett & W.G Billett Inverter split-system, washing machine $22,377
Burton Spitzer Pty Ltd Heating, cooling and cooking upgrade $22,932
Woods Media Pty Ltd Water heating efficiency (heat pumps, refrigeration heat recovery, and controls), refrigeration efficiency (more efficient evaporators and evaporator fans, improved heat rejection, and replace some cold room door seals), and installing double-glazing $25,000
Maffra Motor Inn Pty Ltd Window, Curtain and Swimming Pool Energy Uplift Works $23,340
Heima Australia Pty Ltd Guest Room Air-conditioning unit replacement $20,000
Agp Hamilton Pty Ltd Window Coverings $10,000
Seaview house residential care inc. LED Lighting $14,161
River Sea View Pty Ltd Split systems $25,000
Mavin Pty Limited Replacement of aging AC units with more energy efficient $25,000
A.M Chapman & R.L Peace & Peace-Chapman Pty Ltd Split-system air conditioning, pool heating $25,000
Townbrook Motels Pty Ltd Upgrade of Heat Pumps and Fridges $21,723
Delleah Pty Ltd Leitchville hotel energy efficiency project $25,000
Benjiorno Pty Ltd Upgrading guest room air conditioners and controllers $20,800
Zero Refrigeration Pty Ltd Saving Energy - Paruna Motel Air Conditioner Upgrade $25,000
Boombah Head Pty Ltd Upgrading to split-systems air conditioning and replacing fridges. $23,527
Full House Ventures Pty Ltd Heat pump systems, split systems, LED lights $25,000
Jarowal Pty Ltd Upgrade to motel airconditioning units $25,000
Kellstone Pty Ltd Comfort Inn Campbell Air Conditioning Upgrade Program Phase 2 $24,381
Seasons 5 Pty Ltd split systems, window drapes $25,000
Loxton Hall Pty Ltd Replace Refrigerator, Air Conditioners and Washing Machine $10,950
Millie Enterprises Pty Ltd & The Trustee For K & K Millard Family Trust Upgrade air cons and washing machines to achieve efficiency $24,668
Village Motel Pty Ltd Upgrade of Split System Air Conditioners $25,000
TT-BT Investments Pty Ltd split systems, window drapes, double glazing $25,000
King Of Motels Pty Ltd Upgrade of inefficient / undersized Airconditioning & Heating units $25,000
Port Albert Pty Ltd air conditioning, LED lights $22,500
AMCO Flinders Pty Limited Building Management System for the Chiller plant $25,000
Flat Land Investments Pty Ltd Solar Power Installation, Upgrade Old Windows and Reduce Energy Consumption $25,000
Ocean Reach Pty Ltd Double glazed windows $22,237
Ned & Kerry Pty Ltd Windows Insulation Donald Motor Lodge $22,440
Roberts Family Enterprises Pty Ltd Economical Air conditioning for Paddlewheel motel. $21,566
Enzian Pty Ltd Complete Double Glazing of windows & doors $25,000
J.L.F (Aust) Pty Ltd Double glazed windows $25,000
SRM Victoria Pty Ltd Guest Room Air conditioning unit replacement $24,880
Levaro Pty Ltd Falls Creek Hotel Window Upgrade $25,000
Taylors Lakes Family Hotel Pty Ltd Upgrade of air conditioning units $25,000
Harclaw Pty Ltd solar hot water system, refrigeration, washing machines, heat pump dryers, LED lights, roof and wall insulation $25,000


Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount
Centsible Investments Pty Ltd Inverter systems, window tint $14,000
Kimberley Accommodation (West) Pty Ltd Air conditioning and hot water systems $25,000
Lighthouse Keeper Pty Ltd LED lights $10,000
East Perth Hotel Adventure Pty Ltd Air conditioning and hot water systems $25,000
Harris River Estate Pty Ltd double glazing, refrigeration, washing machines $25,000
T.M Sands & K.J Williamson & T.C Williamson Upgrading Bathrooms and toilets and Cooling/Heating in Accommodation rooms $25,000
W1 Hospitality Pty Ltd Extractor hood upgrade $25,000
Skywood Nominees Pty Ltd Switching on the lights at Kalgoorlie Overland Motel $25,000
Kingman Holdings Pty Ltd Air-conditioner sensor control project $17,300
Wave Rock Management Pty Ltd Energy monitoring and management systems $23,000
AFM Operations 2 Pty Ltd air conditioning, window tinting $23,588
RPD 2 Pty Ltd Air Conditioning Upgrade $25,000
Red Rock Consolidated Pty Ltd air conditioning, window drapes, ceiling/roof insulation $25,000
Australian Post-Tel Institute (Western Australia)Incorporated Energy Saving Window Installation Kalbarri $24,742
Zenan Pty Ltd refrigeration, triple glazing, heat pump dryer, inverter units $25,000
Barcorp Holdings Pty Ltd inverter systems $25,000
Garawen Pty Ltd Energy Audit And Installation of Energy Monitoring System $24,915
Citadines St Georges Terrace (Perth) Pty Ltd Chiller replacement $25,000
Bolgartsville Pty Ltd Supply and install air conditioning $25,000
P.D Gerrand & R.G Gerrand Upgrade Guest Laundry & Room Windows $25,000
R & M Ramage Pty Ltd Ocean Centre Hotel Energy Efficient Window Replacement $24,500
J.A Riggs & K.R Riggs hot water system, fridges, air-conditioning, washing machines, dryers and cook-tops $25,000
Dynamic International Management Pty Ltd LED lights, double glazing $24,000
Parrys Creek Pty Ltd Inverter systems, refrigeration $18,650
Mandoon Estate Pty Ltd Block out drapes $23,760
Dyer Investments (Wa) Pty Ltd Energy Audit And Installation of Energy Monitoring System $24,592
Star & Garter Hotel Pty Ltd Hotwater System Upgrade $25,000
Samba Family Trust & Wilson Family Trust Upgrading air conditioners and lighting in Motel rooms $24,982
Oberly Pty Ltd split system reverse cycle air conditioners, hot water systems $25,000

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