Applicant Organisation Project Name Project Description Stream Project Location Grant Approved Total Project Cost
Ozone Rainforest Retreat Pty Ltd Ozone Whitsundays Eco-Resort and Fauna Conservation Park The project will construct a sustainable resort with boutique native fauna park, day attractions and activities, comprising; 53 contemporary-style villas; reception with restaurant, bar and pool; an iconic conference and wedding building and day spa. The project's extensive grounds and facilities will attract day visitors and guests. Key activities include; weddings; conferences; bird / animal shows; day spa visitors; bush walking and events. The project will create sustainable jobs, career paths and economic, environmental and social benefits for the region. It will support the region's tourism industry through not only attracting more visitors but also through its partnerships with island resorts and local activities. Business Innovation Riordanvale $5,860,000 $32,960,260
Signature Onfarm Pty Ltd Signature Onfarm Beef Processing Facility and Accommodation Village The project will construct a greenfield on-farm beef processing facility including export accredited slaughter and boning facilities, fit out, equipment installation, rendering plant and effluent treatment facilities. The facility will be utilised to produce high quality, value added beef products completing the integrated supply chain for Signature Beef, currently exporting to 30 countries. It will also provide improved access to processing for all beef producers in the Bowen Basin with both direct supply and service processing options available. The project includes an accommodation village for 70 people. Business Innovation Clermont $5,000,000 $26,093,200
DIACON Australia Pty Ltd Expand DIACON Australia's Manufacturing Capacity This project requires the installation of a suite of new manufacturing equipment into a regional production facility, allowing DIACON Australia to sustainably expand its supply of DIACON Plastic Conveyor Improvement System products into a growing network of resellers across Australia and ultimately, offshore. The project includes installation of equipment such as a CNC Router, CNC Turret Punch, Automated Cutting and Drilling Equipment and more. DIACON's product range is designed to support the ever increasing demand from industry for both improved safety standards and higher production volumes on conveyor belts. To facilitate this business expansion a range of new employees will be recruited to match the skill sets required. Business Innovation Paget $420,000 $1,050,000
Central Highlands Development Corporation Limited Export Readiness: Capability for Companies to Grow Internationally In partnership with the Export Council of Australia, the Central Highlands Development Corporation will deliver a multi-level program that can assist exporters at every stage of their development, from pre-export to expanding into new markets. Skills and Training Emerald $23,166 $46,332
Farnmont Pty Ltd Crocodile Farming & Agri-Tourism Value Added Production System This project will utilise a local manufacturing business to develop individual crocodile rearing pens. The significance of these pens is the ease of installation and the capability of rearing crocodiles under strict welfare and environmental conditions whilst improving the quality and export value of the skins as they grow.Access to the full scope of this production system as an agri-tourism opportunity will be provided in support of growing market demand. Business Innovation Coowonga $300,000 $713,000
Linked Group Services Pty Ltd Linked Power House Off-Grid Innovation Showcase Linked Group Services is designing and building a new headquarters for their operations in Paget, Mackay. The new premises will include a fabrication workshop, logistics and storage headquarters, increased office space and a showroom. The building has been designed to demonstrate Linked Group Services capability as an energy solution provider with the intention of operating completely independently of the electrical grid. The electrical system is based on what is called a 'micro grid system'. The unique benefit of this system is that it generates power by utilising solar, and micro-turbine (using gas or bio-fuel technologies). The Linked Power House will be a demonstration site for sustainability. Business Innovation Paget $249,839 $499,678
Spinal Life Australia Ltd Purchase of Rehabilitation Gym Equipment and Fit Out of Accessible Gym As part of an expansion strategy, Spinal Life Australia is opening a Rockhampton office in Nov 2017 to offer disability supports and other healthcare services closer to home for people with spinal cord damage and related physical disabilities. To increase value for clients and the local community, Spinal Life will equip/operate an accessible gym with rehabilitative, easy-access, air pressure equipment designed for people who use a wheelchair or have a physical disability. This equipment offers safer exercise for people with limited physical ability and is proven to speed up rehabilitation time. Our highly trained staff will offer classes and provide allied health services from the gym, the first of its kind in regional Queensland. Local Infrastructure Rockhampton City $100,000 $228,000
Mackay Canegrowers Ltd Irrigation Efficiency Training for Farmers in Central Queensland A tailored skills and training program has been developed for farmers in Central Queensland who use irrigation for intensive cropping. The training focuses on energy efficiency, correct scheduling and where possible the use of renewable energy. Recent trials of this training have shown irrigation power costs on farms in the area can be reduced by up to 50% and crop yield can be increased by an average of 15%. Skills and Training Mackay $150,000 $300,000
Central Highlands Regional Council Delivery of CQ Intermodal Terminal and Industrial Access Road This project will provide a greenfield intermodal terminal with cost effective containerised freight handling for both inbound freight to the region, and export facilitationfrom the region rather than being shipped elsewhere for containerisation. An Industrial Access Road which facilitates access to the Intermodal Terminal and other catalytic infrastructure under way in the locality will also be provided. Local Infrastructure Emerald $2,900,000 $5,805,118
Gladstone Engineering Alliance Inc GEA Arcade Interactive Visual Walkway Construction Project Gladstone Engineering Alliance's Project, located in the Gladstone CBD and close to the harbour, will create an Arcade entry to our building that is an Interactive Visual Walkway that is State of the Art and like nothing else that currently exists in Central Queensland. Once built the system allows us to develop interchangeable tourism, industry, community and educational displays that can be themed to target different market sectors and will provide a mechanism to attract people into the city heart and assist to create jobs. Local Infrastructure Gladstone Central $148,035 $296,070
Bowen Old People's Home Society Establish a Community Respite and Reablement Centre This project (stage 3) will provide a day and overnight respite service in a community hub with accessible and relevant care and services for the elderly in Bowen and the surrounding community to facilitate older people remaining at home longer as they age rather than entering residential aged care or requiring acute care. The target group is
  • older people at home requiring day and overnight care
  • older people providing informal and unpaid care to others in the home
  • older people living in rental accommodation in a retirement village
  • older, socially isolated people living in the community who will benefit from a social program.
Local Infrastructure Bowen $1,500,000 $3,000,000
Banana Shire Council Raedon Street Industrial Estate Road Access and Drainage This project will construct road access to stages 3 & 4 of the Raedon Street Industrial Estate, and undertake drainage works within the industrial estate. Local Infrastructure Biloela $700,000 $1,400,000
Western Suburbs Rugby League Football Club (Mackay) Inc Multi-use Event and Sports Facility The project will see the construction a Multi Use Sports and Events Precinct, including of an eight rink undercover bowls green that easily converts to an undercover event and sport space using transferable flooring. The project will lead to more permanent jobs allowing economic diversification and varied employment opportunities. The economy will grow through regular events and a sporting hub providing job opportunities in recreational services. Local Infrastructure Walkerston $653,708 $1,403,708
Gladstone Regional Council Integrated Health Services Precinct - Stage 1 Philip Street Community The Integrated Health Services Precinct has been designed to strengthen Gladstone's social service system by clustering community facilities. Itwill provide a meaningful and sustainable contribution to the region's economic development, by diversifying the economy through an increase in activity in the health care and social assistance sector. On completion the precinct will add employment capacity within the sector & will strengthen the local economy which is now in a state of normalisation after intense growth. Local Infrastructure Gladstone $3,082,016 $10,248,926
D & T Hardchrome Pty Ltd Industrial Hard Chrome Electroplating and Finishing Facility This project will deliver a world class Industrial Hard Chrome Electroplating and Finishing Facility in the Bowen Basin region. The project consists of the construction of an extension to an existing building, the development of a new purpose-built facility and the procurement of world class equipment to enable regional consumers to source the service locally and give Mackay the opportunity to export the technology around the region. Business Innovation Paget $1,600,000 $10,446,770
Hidden Valley Harvest (Facility) Pty Ltd previously Tropical Pines Pty Ltd New fruit processing facility for Central Queensland This project plans to boost food production in the Bowen Basin by building and operating a value-added processing facility in Yeppoon, Central Queensland. This will help to meet consumer demand for processed fruits that are of a higher quality and have a longer shelf life than existing products on the market, will create new product for the national industry, and will create additional agricultural exports. Benefits for the region include reducing the current waste of fruit grown in the region, improving farm returns for regional growers and significant economic growth. Business Innovation Hidden Valley $5,808,000 $11,616,000
Rockhampton Regional Council The Fraser Park Redevelopment Project This project will deliver key facilities that activate Mount Archer as a prominent and iconic regional landmark. The high value nature-based tourism product will generate local jobs and economic benefits through increased recreation, sports, adventure and event tourism opportunities that will attract a sustainable boost in visitors. The infrastructure will enable greater use of the mountain by people of all ages and fitness levels and will ensure that Rockhampton locals benefit as well as tourists. Local Infrastructure Mount Archer $1,500,000 $3,000,000

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