Applicant Organisation Project Name Project Description Stream Project Location Grant Approved Total Project Cost
Lemond Composites Pty Ltd Australia's first Next Generation Carbon Fibre Manufacturing Facility The project will construct Australia's first commercial Carbon Fibre manufacturing facility which will produce commercial quantities of the next generation Carbon Fibre under license from Deakin University. The unique process developed by Deakin University and licensed by Lemond will be a Global game changer in terms of cost and performance. Applications previously discounted due to cost will be realised and the uptake of composite products will increase exponentially as a result. Business Innovation Waurn Ponds $5,000,000 $31,000,000
Conservation Ecology Centre Pty Ltd Wildlife Wonders: Ecotourism for economic development and conservation Creating a world-class wildlife ecotourism venture on a spectacular site on the Great Ocean Road. 'Wildlife Wonders' will provide visitors with an opportunity to experience and learn about Australian wildlife on a highly memorable walk through a spectacular natural setting, guided by qualified, multi-lingual conservationists. This premium wildlife tourism experience will be designed and created by Art Director of The Hobbit films and designer of the successful NZ attraction, Hobbiton. The venture will ensure significant ongoing employment and career development opportunities. As a social enterprise, all profits generated through the business will be invested in conservation of wildlife and ecosystems of the Great Ocean Road region. Local Infrastructure Apollo Bay $2,000,000 $14,521,660
Conflux Technology Pty Ltd Conflux Technology Additive Manufacturing & Engineering Centre (AMEC) The project will establish an Additive Manufacturing & Engineering Centre (AMEC) at the heart of the Geelong Innovation Precinct within the Manufutures Advanced Manufacturing Accelerator. The investment in an Additive Manufacturing (AM) prototype and pilot production facility will underpin the training of new staff and ensure a significant value-add to the region's AM research and education initiatives conducted by Deakin University. In addition to the direct increase in Australian AM capacity, the Conflux Technology AMEC will be a consequential contributor to a sustained pipeline of high-value AM professionals who will propagate regionally as both employers and employees. Business Innovation Waurn Ponds $1,029,464 $2,058,928
Royal Geelong Yacht Club Development of the Geelong Waterfront Safe Harbour Precinct Project The project will redevelop the Geelong Waterfront Safe Harbour Precinct, a key section of the waterfront including the current Royal Geelong Yacht Club (RGYC) and marina, and the Victorian Sailing School (VSS). This will create vastly enhanced public access and facilities supporting tourism, community programs and major events. The age-expired VSS will be integrated with RGYC and provide student accommodation. Marina upgrades will include replacement of the deteriorating west wall with a wave attenuator that will provide public access and additional berthing. The project will transform the precinct, deliver visitor economy revenues and jobs and enable at least $16 million in non-government investment in future stages. Local Infrastructure Geelong $2,000,000 $18,994,000
COESR Pty Ltd Development of the CORA Village Cape Otway Road Australia (CORA) is developing an immersive elite sports and ecotourism destination which will include an arts and retail village. Located in Modewarre in the Surf Coast Shire, it will add a new must-see destination to the Great Ocean Road touring route. The RJIP grant will help support the arts and retail offering of CORA which will feature a 2km outdoor sculpture trail and a 2,500m2 Retail Village which will, amongst other things, showcase the best local produce and products. The Retail Village will include: a Microbrewery & Food Hall, Restaurants, Cafes, lifestyle shops, a Farmers Market and Art Gallery all supported by a 400 m2 distribution centre and a Childcare facility. Business Innovation Modewarre $3,288,925 $6,577,850
Homestead Australia Pty Ltd Tarndwarncoort (Tarndie) Infrastructure Investment Project The Project will expand and develop business diversity and the associated tourism offer at historic sheep property Tarndie in western Victoria. Small building works and upgrades together with associated fit-out of spaces will enhance capacity to expand current operations, diversify farm revenue stream, maximise farm resources, support innovative agri-tourism, foster business enterprise and create ongoing employment opportunities. There is an enterprising tradition of evolving the farm business in a manner that both anticipates and responds to circumstance and demand and the building works envisioned through this project will facilitate the ongoing development of Tarndie as a key tourism and event destination into the coming decades and beyond. Business Innovation Warncoort $145,000 $290,000
Teamworks Performance Pty Ltd TWP Production Manufacturing Expansion Expansion of current TWP production facility, procuring new machinery and equipment in the areas of sublimation, screen printing and garment construction / sewing and investing in a customised production and order IT platform. This project will result in significant import replacement and the ability to manufacture on-site, greater profitability, long term sustainability, jobs growth, greatly improved OH&S along with market leading innovation, expanding into new markets, major contract opportunities and greatly improved production time frames Business Innovation Bell Park $70,000 $150,000
Flat Glass Industries Pty Ltd Developing advanced architectural glass manufacturing capabilities This project furthers the work to transition MHG Glass (from automotive glass manufacturing) to FGI Geelong (manufacturing architectural glass). It involves the installation of value-added equipment and automation to FGI Geelong's architectural glass production line. The project will deliver improved product quality and the ability to manufacture larger and more sophisticated processed and high performance glass products. The improvements to the production line not only result in a superior and more competitive product, but also see the upskilling of employees in line with the implementation of advanced manufacturing equipment and techniques. Business Innovation Geelong North $1,980,197 $7,920,788
Capricorn Power Pty Ltd High efficiency engine converting waste heat to electricity Austeng, a Vic manufacturing hall of fame and two-time Engineering Excellence award recipient, will manufacture and install Capricorn Powers first commercial advanced heat to energy engine, built on a V6 Commodore base, and independently verify much greater power output than an equivalent Organic Rankine Cycle engine. The engine will enhance energy productivity and sustainability at a customer site by providing reliable low-cost electricity and reduced waste and emissions. Benefits include knowledge and technology diffusion from partners into Geelong, and commercialising an innovative clean tech product enabling potentially very large engineering and manufacturing job growth for ex-auto skills serving new, global 'markets of the future'. Business Innovation Grovedale $292,750 $772,750
Australian New Energy Pty Ltd Waste to Energy - Upscale Production Pelletmate uses waste wood streams to produce wood pellets which are a renewable biofuel. Raw materials used in this process include off cuts from local truss factories and single use wood pallets that would otherwise be destined for landfill. We have a production bottleneck, as we can produce 5.1 tonnes per hour, and only bag two tonnes per hour. This grant would enable us to install a form fill and seal bagging machine that can perform this task much more quickly. Operation and programming of this machine is a very skilled task and training of several employees will be necessary. The project will employ six contractors and staff during the construction phase and six more full time staff on the in feed and productions sides. Business Innovation Moolap $205,181 $410,362
EMU (Aus) Pty Ltd EMU Australia Manufacturing and Product Automation ERP System Install EMU Australia is investing into an automated cutting cell teamed with a state of the art closed loop manufacturing ERP product management system, enabling instant trace ability of jobs from manufacturing commencement right through to optimization and delivery to customer. State of the art technologies include 3D printing and a Computer Aided Design capability for investment into the development of new product ranges. Business Innovation Geelong South $545,826 $1,091,653
Partington Advanced Engineering Pty Ltd Formerly known as - 36T Pty Ltd Multi-Materials Design and Advanced Manufacturing Facility The project will tool, process develop and commission a state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing centre for global export of world-leading carbon composite intensive cycle wheels for established customer Johnson Bikes. Beyond servicing the immediate commercial opportunity, establishment of 36Ts facility represents a strategic lead, enabling the development and implementation of smart, multi-material design in a broader range of applications. This project will provide a platform to develop advanced manufacturing processes and a team of modern-minded engineers, capable of driving change in the manufacturing landscape. Business Innovation Highton $309,442 $618,885
CMTP Pty Ltd Automated Timber Resaw System Our project is the supply and installation of a new automated multi rip, timber re saw system that will enable us to produce thin boards not currently available by the major sawmills. This will allow us to cut customised non standard sizing, suitable for both the domestic and export markets. This is state of the art technology that will reduce manual handling and increase our productivity, sustainability and safety standards. It will also ensure the ongoing employment of over 40 staff at our Colac site. Business Innovation Colac $500,000 $1,260,000
Australian New Energy Pty Ltd Waste to Energy Briquette Manufacturing Pelletmate uses waste wood streams to produce wood pellets which are a renewable biofuel. We have a local and interstate demand for briquettes (compressed wood blocks) which can be burnt in a normal wood domestic heater. Raw materials used in our process include off cuts from local truss factories and single use wood pallets that would otherwise be destined for landfill. This grant will used to install a wood briquette press and packaging line. The project will employ six contractors and staff during the setup and commissioning process and four more full time staff thereafter. This is a new type of manufacturing industry for the Geelong area, and so, will also introduce new skills to the local workforce. Business Innovation Moolap $162,227 $324,454
Pure Ponics Pty Ltd Aquaponics Urban Farming Food Production Expansion The project will increase the scale of PurePonics food production facilities, expanding fish and plant growing areas, improving advanced system controls for greater production security and creating more jobs within agriculture in the field of aquaponics. This will provide the Geelong region with greater security of year round supply of premium food product and a range of specialised, skilled and unskilled jobs in urban based agriculture in an emerging industry. The project will also construct facilities and build aquaponics systems, supported by research with Deakin University, which will facilitate national expansion, headquartered in Geelong, of PurePonics food production farms amongst urban populations across Australia. Business Innovation Waurn Ponds $720,500 $1,441,000
CPS (Colac) Pty Ltd as trustee for CPS Trust Expansion of Manufacturing Facility The project will consist of the construction of a new 30m x 12m manufacturing facility at 42 Hugh Murray Drive, Colac Victoria and the purchase and installation of a new Roland Texart RT 640 dye-sublimation transfer printer and heat transfer calendar, along with fabric finishing equipment, software and computing systems to produce quality garments for the regions sporting clubs and other organisations that are predominantly being imported from China, creating new local and sustainable jobs. Business Innovation Colac $100,000 $200,000
McMeckan Consulting Pty Ltd as trustee for The McMeckan Family Trust Outdoor Dining and Instruction Facility The Project will enhance Basils Farm as a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable food and wine business on the Bellarine Peninsula by constructing an outdoor dining and instruction facility. The facility will be supported by an expanded solar system with added PV and complementary lithium ion batteries and on site treatment of human waste based on organic principles that will be recycled across the property. Basils Farm business vision has a focus on an educational experience for customers. The innovative energy and waste management systems will be key part of this educational experience. Business Innovation Swan Bay $300,000 $900,000
York Sourdough Pty Ltd as trustee for York Sourdough Unit Trust Botanical Brew Start-Up The project will start up a Jun Kombucha brewing facility in Geelong for the manufacturing of an alcoholic and non-alcoholic honey and green tea fermented probiotic beverage, to supply retail and wholesale outlets in Australia and for export. Benefits to the region include supporting local farmers and producers and value adding to their products; training and re-training the hospitality industry in fermentation and fermented products; having available on the market both locally and internationally, a food product/ beverage, which promotes the Geelong region (tourism), as a centre for healthy clean food production. Business Innovation Geelong West $500,000 $2,010,040
Colac Otway Shire Lake Colac Master Plan Stage 1 Implementation Lake Colac is an iconic feature of the Colac Otway region. However, the facilities adjacent to Lake Colac do not allow the area to be utilised to its full potential. Community consultation undertaken during the development of a new Lake Colac Foreshore Master Plan in 2016 re-affirmed the value the community place on the lake foreshore, as well as a strong desire to see it become a major attraction for locals and visitors alike. The Federal Government funded the development of the new Master Plan that sets out a 10-year program of improvements to the Lake Foreshore. Local Infrastructure Colac $250,000 $500,858
Anglesea Surf Lifesaving Club Inc Redevelopment of Operations and Training Centre - Anglesea SLSC To provide a fit-for-purpose lifesaving facility that will also serve as a conference venue, an education hub and a focal point for other sporting and leisure activities and thus assist in promoting tourism in the region. Local Infrastructure Anglesea $500,000 $4,400,000
DRW Investments Pty Ltd Geelong Workshop maintenance efficiency & innovation project This project is designed to provide improvements and efficiencies in the maintenance of the trucking fleet. Having the ability to carry out in-house testing of brake systems, wheel alignments and free play checks of the suspension systems during regular servicing provides point of use diagnostics and rectification. This eliminates the need to send the trucks to Melbourne preventing lost time and unnecessary fuel usage. Additionally correct alignment of the wheels will further reduce fuel usage and tyre wear, both having positive impacts for the environment. This project also allows for the direct employment of one FTE which then allows scope for the employment of an Apprentice, providing the Geelong region with additional employment. Business Innovation Norlane $95,000 $190,000

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