Applicant Organisation Project Name Project Description Stream Project Location Grant Approved Total Project Cost
Australian Sustainable Hardwoods Pty Ltd Twin Band Resaw Value Recovery Project This project installs a new high strain twin band resaw in the Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) Greenmill, utilising innovative German sawing technology to maximise the recovery of timber and minimise the production of sawdust and wood chip waste. The project will enable ASH to employ 140 full time equivalent employees and increase recoveries and specification of timber feedstock from log input by 6 percent. This will enable a greater volume of timber feedstock to be available for the ASH staircase, window, door and furniture components manufacturing plants and a specification of timber feedstock enabling higher manufacturing recoveries which results in an increase in employment. Business Innovation Heyfield $1,200,000 $2,400,000
Alberton Timber & Treatment Plant Pty Ltd Alberton Timber Mill Expansion This project involves the construction of a new post peeling facility at Alberton Timber and Treatment Plant, which includes two peelers, a rounder, a docking system and a wood chipper. It will replace the existing aged mill and enable a much more efficient and reliable manufacturing process. A second steam cylinder will also be installed. The increase in production volumes and drying time efficiency will enable the company to meet the growing market demands in the region for post products. Business Innovation Alberton $550,000 $1,100,000
Gippsland Rotary Centenary House Inc Stage 3 Accommodation - Gippsland Rotary Centenary House Inc This project will expand Gippsland Rotary Centenary House with construction of 13 additional independent units and associated infrastructure for the accommodation of patients and their families attending the Gippsland Cancer Care Centre or the Latrobe Regional Hospital from all over Gippsland, including the Local Government Areas of Latrobe City, Wellington and Baw Baw. Local Infrastructure Traralgon $900,000 $2,126,620
Mecrus Pty Ltd Large Scale Hydroponic Strawberry Glasshouse Facility This project will construct a 12 hectare glasshouse at Darnumto provide Australia's first and largest protected environment for the hydroponic growing of premium strawberry varieties. The facility will be the first in the world to grow strawberries hydroponically 365 days a year, and achieve greater fruit yield compared to field grown strawberry plants. The project will strongly position Mecrus to compete against new imports and meet strong demand from supermarkets and consumers for year-round supply of fresh, premium quality strawberries of consistent size and outstanding flavour. The project will create 80 construction jobs and provide 122 permanent full-time jobs in strawberry growing, transport and logistics. Business Innovation Darnum $3,000,000 $43,600,000
Audentes Investments Pty Ltd as trustee for the Audentes Family Trust Value Adding to Wild Catch Australian Seafood for Export This project aims to increase the value of medium and low value wild-catch seafood products landed in Victoria. The project will include the extension of an export registered seafood processing facility to include further bulk seafood chilling and freezing capability. The project will support existing local commercial fishing industries and create local jobs. Business Innovation Sale $123,600 $248,600
Bambach Wires & Cables Pty Ltd Low Voltage Specialised Cable Manufacturing Facility This project will establish an advanced low voltage cable manufacturing facility, including the refurbishment of an existing factory building, equipment installation, establishment of a test laboratory, and recruitment and training of personnel to produce newly developed cables for use in infrastructure and defence related projects. The project will benefit the company by increasing its manufacturing capacity and efficiency and in turn this will provide long term sustainable employment to 40-50 people over the project timeframe and more as the company grows. The new facility will reduce manufacturing cost, improve capability and enable the company to compete globally in export markets. Business Innovation Rosedale $2,902,000 $5,804,000
Fabpro Group Pty Ltd Cordless Factory(TM) located in Eco Industrial Hub The project is to construct a pilot Cordless Factory(TM) using solar power and the latest modular battery storage system as a prototype for a future development cluster of factories in the proposed Eco Industrial Hub. This will support the region's farming/industrial community and create sustainable local employment within Rosedale by attracting like-minded businesses to the Hub and sourcing work locally and beyond the region. Business Innovation Rosedale $100,000 $210,000
Neerim District Soldiers Memorial Hospital Tarago Views Enhancement Package This project is to upgrade resident facilities, enhancing the resident's quality of life and the organisation's capability to attract new clients. The enhancement will also allow the facility to access higher levels of aged care subsidy, therefore contributing to the entity's ongoing financial sustainability and ability to maintain its position as the township's major source of employment. Local Infrastructure Neerim South $150,000 $300,000
KND Maintenance Pty Ltd as trustee for the Williams Family Trust Pavement Analysis System Software This project is to develop Pavement Analysis System Software (PASs), a specialised software system used to analyse road pavements via images and create a predictive assessment based on these images to forward predict reseal and maintenance programs. Current reseal and maintenance schedules can be inaccurate, variable and use valuable resources to maintain, creating a volatile industry culture. The implementation of PASs aims to create more sustainable employment within this industry, through strategic planning. Business Innovation Morwell $50,000 $100,000
Latrobe City Council Morwell CBD Revitalisation The Morwell CBD Revitalisation aspires to create positive change in the physical spaces of the Morwell town centre in order to shift its identity. The town of Morwell is best known for its relationship to the Hazelwood Power Station and the CBD Revitalisation seeks to inspire new ways in which people live, occupy and contribute and connect to Morwell. The Morwell CBD Revitalisation intends to renew and connect existing infrastructure and assets in the town's build environment and contribute to the development of a green Morwell Village Hub. This will attract new service and retail businesses to the area, supporting and strengthening economic outcomes for existing businesses. Local Infrastructure Morwell $2,000,000 $4,250,000
Gippsland Logging & Earthmoving Pty Ltd Timber Waste Diversion - Bioenergy Pellet Manufacture This project will assist to operationalise a timber pellet manufacturing facility in the Latrobe Valley township of Morwell. The project will purchase, install and commission drying equipment, programmable logistic controls (automation) and electrical connectivity to achieve operational capacity. When operational the plant will convert a locally available manufacturing bi-product (sawdust and residue) into a compressed pellet for use in domestic heating, animal bedding and absorbency markets. The facility is expected to provide 18 full time equivalent ongoing jobs within the local economy and divert up to 26,000 tonne of sawdust from landfill and low value usage streams per year. Business Innovation Morwell $762,795 $1,525,595
Cool Group of Companies Pty Ltd The Cool Group of Companies Integrated Manufacturing Facility This project will construct a purpose-designed and fully integrated manufacturing, sales and logistics facility in Morwell, Latrobe Valley for on-site beverage dispensers and bottled spring water, drinks and beverages, embroidered/personalised workwear and clothing, uniforms and other related products. The manufacturing facility will have fully automated state-of-the art bottling technology, embroidery design/production, custom printed garment technology/equipment and include on-site sales, administration and logistics. Business Innovation Morwell $1,749,500 $3,499,000
Drouin West Timber & Truss Pty Ltd DWTT FutureFit Project Expansion Plan Drouin West Timber and Truss`s (DWTT) two current manufacturing facilities require expansion into a significantly larger combined factory on a new 8 acre site to meet current long term agreements and manufacturing output requirements. The manufacturing of advanced components also requires acquisition of world class automated CAD and CNC driven plant and equipment. In summary the DWTT FutureFit Expansion Plan entails investing approximately $8.5 million in land, construction of an appropriate industrial facility, purchase of equipment and the employment of additional local skilled staff. Business Innovation Drouin $2,000,000 $7,100,000
Kempe Process Equipment Pty Ltd Kempe Engineering Morwell, Centre of Excellence Transformation Project This project will construct a dedicated mechanical services, maintenance and repair facility in the Latrobe Valley offering specialist engineering service streams, which includes implementing advanced manufacturing (processes and equipment) and targeting major growth through servicing companies in the Food and Fibre and Energy and Resources sectors. This will encompass the creation of a Centre of Excellence for both the provision of existing and delivery of new engineering, maintenance and repair services that will create additional employment opportunities for skilled labour in the Latrobe Valley. Business Innovation Morwell $619,200 $1,238,400
DefendTex Pty Ltd Energetics Research & Development Advanced Manufacturing Facility Defence R&D company DefendTex will establish an Advanced Manufacturing and test facility for energetic materials such as propellant and explosives. This facility will be located on existing Defence land and will be the base for the company's new Resonance Acoustic Mixing facility in support of the development of the next generation of rocket motors, to provide Australia's first sovereign space launch facility. This facility will form the nucleus of the defence related Advanced Manufacturing capabilities of the company and provide the base for additional research & development projects with Australian and international partners. Business Innovation Dutson $1,500,000 $3,360,000
Gippsland MTB Inc Haunted Hills Bike Park The Haunted Hills Bike Park project will build a multi-track facility in the Latrobe Valley, developed to provide a significant gateway trail network and skills development facility, which will attract strong interest within the visitor economy. Outcomes inclu
  • Provision of an accessible, enjoyable sporting venue suitable for all ages and demographics.
  • A highly-inclusive and accessible facility enjoyable by all in society.
  • A reduction in obesity through the provision of a safe and accessible sporting opportunity and events.
  • A high level of interest from community groups.
  • A social and inclusive sporting facility that encourages group riding, companionship and new friendships.
Local Infrastructure Hernes Oak $976,950 $986,950
BAW BAW Shire Council Early Learning Centre Co-Located at Warragul Primary School This project will construct an Early Learning Centre to be co-located at the Warragul Primary School. The facility will contain multi-use rooms tailored for kindergarten and play group use during school hours, allied health and early childhood intervention services during the day and with the ability to provide a much needed community hub outside of these times. Local Infrastructure Warragul $800,000 $2,408,000
Utilitas Group Pty Ltd The Advanced Biorefining Laboratory and bioHub Design Project Utilitas has identified two regional bioHub opportunities in the Latrobe Valley to bio-process local organic waste streams, such as manure, sewage, crop residuals and food processing waste, and produce renewable energy, local jobs and valuable tradeable bio-products. BioHubs divert organic waste from landfill and recover valuable resources. The first identified bioHub is a 1.06 MWe plant located near Morwell to bio-process dairy and food processing waste. The second is a 1.67 MWe plant located near Warragul. This project will establish an advanced biorefining laboratory at Morwell and progress the bioHubs through project definition, financial close and detailed design, after which the bioHubs can be constructed into operation. Business Innovation Morwell $515,597 $1,031,194
South Gippsland Shire Council Gippsland Tracks and Trails Feasibility Study To capitalise on Gippsland's diverse geography and strong nature-based tourism assets, the project partners will develop a Gippsland Tracks and Trails feasibility study. The project will provide a coordinated approach to track and trail development and investment. The study aims to identify priorities enabling improvements to track and trail infrastructure for both walking and cycling. The Latrobe Valley would be identified as the economic spine within the strategy. Local Infrastructure Leongatha $66,664 $133,328

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