Applicant Organisation Project Name Project Description Stream Project Location Grant Approved Total Project Cost
Burnie City Council Burnie Waterfront Eastern Promenade The construction of a Promenade at the Burnie Waterfront to complete the Burnie Waterfront Master Plan. The Promenade is the final stage in the Waterfront development, a key visitor attraction in the Burnie region. Local Infrastructure Burnie $377,450 $754,900
River Power Tasmania Pty Ltd Construction of a Damless Hydroelectric Power Station This project is stage one of the construction of fourteen damless hydroelectric power stations in regional Tasmania that will generate clean energy, increase off-island income, reduce the cost of electricity for local businesses, provide sustainable local employment and unlock further investment. Business Innovation Ouse $587,865 $2,351,459
Sam King Pty Ltd Kings Outdoor Living - New Manufacturing Facility and Display Area This $606,500 project will enable Kings Outdoor Living, a Tasmanian-owned business in Sorell, to create a new display area, enlarge its office and admin area, and construct a new manufacturing and storage facility to allow the company to commence manufacture of Ziptrak blind systems and provide new onsite storage, and indoor working areas, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. It will create 10 new ongoing full time equivalent employees in regional Tasmania plus an additional 25 construction jobs during the build phase. Business Innovation Sorell $303,250 $606,500
Mount Cygnet Dairy Pty Ltd Agricultural Products Processing Attraction and Education The project will construct infrastructure, including a processing plant and shop front. It will also include fitout and equipment installation to support the region's only dairy farm and increase employment opportunity for locals. The project will include factory hire facilities and educational opportunities for school groups. Business Innovation Cygnet $236,375 $472,750
Agronico Technology Pty Ltd Unlocking Export Opportunities for Seed Potato Production in Tasmania The project will extend the coolstore, build a minituber facility, construct a machinery shed that will double production capacity, access new interstate and export opportunities, and support the region's potato industry to increase productivity. Business Innovation Spreyton $1,688,097 $3,376,194
Tasmanian Mountain Waters Exp Pty Ltd Manufacture Mixer Drinks Value Adding to Existing Production Facility The project will install plant and equipment into our existing manufacturing facility to broaden our product range for export. The project will value add to our core water bottling business by addition of 5 new mixer drinks using our spring water. Business Innovation South Burnie $312,690 $625,380
CMTP Pty Ltd Branxholm Sawmill Optimiser & Control System Branxholm Sawmill (CMTP Pty Ltd) has traditionally produced low value green sawn timber products with a limited volume of manufactured items such as pallets and bins being produced as finished outputs. Of recent years the mill has taken significant steps and committed substantial investment to increase its value-adding to yield higher value from the timber resource and to grow the business value and its markets. This project will install a 3D log optimisation and scanning system and upgrade to set works on the primary breakdown machine to increase availability of value added timber. Additionally employment of local timber processing workers will occur due to increased log recovery driving productive timber volume throughout. Business Innovation Branxholm $350,000 $912,041
Rojok Pty Ltd Canola Value Added Processing Facility Expansion This project will expand the Macquarie Oil Company production facility, doubling the capacity of existing operations and enabling the growth of Tasmania's GM free canola industry. This expansion will include purchase and commissioning of an additional expeller, build of new storage silos and augers and expansion of processing and packing areas. This exciting project will reduce the reliance on imported canola products for agriculture and aquaculture in Tasmania. It will also provide an important additional cropping option for Tasmanian farmers, supporting the opportunity presented by the investment into irrigation infrastructure and mitigating the risk of downturn of other crops such as poppies. Business Innovation Cressy $108,413 $216,826
Crisp Bros & Haywards Pty Ltd Increase Haywards capability in heavy steel production The project aims to increase the workshop's overhead crane capacity by purchasing 4 new crane units of 80 tonne capacity including increasing the crane handling capacity to transport large components between different sites by getting 2 new traveller units of 80 tonne. This project aims to support various Australian industries and also become a major player in the Australian construction industry. Business Innovation Western Junction $1,317,442 $3,293,605
Britton Brothers Pty Ltd High Value Timber Drying Improvement Project (HVTDIP) The project will construct a purpose built pre-drying facility including drying sheds, paved loading and unloading areas, fire mitigation, monitoring and security infrastructure and develop and implement suitable drying schedules to increase the recovery by volume and grade of the higher value Tasmanian timbers processed on site. Business Innovation Smithton $367,836 $735,673
The Salvation Army (TAS) Property Trust Construction of a Creative Entrepreneurial Precinct We are creating a manufacturing facility that connects an entrepreneurial creative business that has significant export potential with a non-profit charitable organisation that assists marginalised & disadvantaged communities. The project is a unique partnership leveraging private investment dollars, relationships and knowledge with a Salvation Army's social enterprise to construct a plant that can manufacture high quality ceramic tiles for the commercial property export markets. On completion the project will create workforce training & jobs, foster new small businesses and build the entrepreneurial capacity of the unemployed & disadvantaged of Sorell. Once operational the facility will be financially self-sustaining. Local Infrastructure Carlton $399,150 $810,300
Daly Potato Company Pty. Ltd. Expansion of Potato Salad Production Line to Meet Market Demand The Daly family, one of Tasmania's largest potato growers and processor of fresh washed potatoes, has produced a range of highly value-added ready-made potato salads since 2016. This project will enable the company to purchase cooking, chilling and food processing equipment to underpin a 20-fold expansion of its potato salad production in order to meet a current market opportunity. This significant volume increase in the company's most value-added product, together with guaranteed off-island sales to Australia s largest grocery chain, will ensure the company's long-term financial sustainability, consolidate its strength as an off-island exporter, and create 12 new permanent jobs in regional Tasmania. Business Innovation Sorell $312,804 $625,609
South Coast Track Huts Walk Pty Ltd - previously The Maria Island Walk Pty Ltd The South Coast Track Huts Walk, South West National Park Tasmania The project involves building 6 environmentally sensitive walker's huts along the 85 km South Coast track in the magnificent Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) in southern Tasmania for a 7 day commercial guided walk for small groups of 10 guests and 2 guides. It provides a new opportunity for people to walk in this remarkable wilderness in safety and without having to carry a heavy pack. The new guided walk will raise the profile of the Huon Valley and Far South areas as a tourism destination and bring lasting benefits with increased visitation, new accommodation and cafes, new tourism and transport operations, the same way the Overland Track, Three Capes Track and Derby mountain biking have done for their regional communities. Business Innovation Recherche Bay $2,950,000 $5,900,000
Salty Seas Pty Ltd Facility Upgrade of Floating Seafood Retail Centre The project aim is to redevelop the existing floating platform by designing and building a safe and effective retail facility that provides an enhanced visitor experience, accommodates our current demand and caters for future tourism growth and increased employment. The training and promotion in the project will enable us to continue to showcase our local sustainable seafood and ancillary products to the established local population and growing visiting customers through sales and engaging experiences, on a unique floating facility that reflects our culture and connection to the region. Business Innovation St Helens $135,000 $285,400
Ashgrove Cheese Pty Ltd New Dairy Door and Visitor Centre for North-West Tasmania The project will construct a new Dairy Door and Visitor Centre for iconic Tasmanian dairy producer Ashgrove Cheese, enabling it to significantly expand its visitor experience by offering new sit-down dining, curated tastings, tours, immersive interpretive experiences and regional tourism linkages with the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail and the Cradle Mountain Gateway. This $1.2 million project will leverage $620,000 in new private investment and create 14 new full time, ongoing jobs, with an additional 40 jobs during construction. It will also inject approximately $1.5 million per annum into the region through local sourcing of restaurant ingredients and specialist retail items, supporting up to 10 new indirect full time equivalent employees in the region. Business Innovation Elizabeth Town $565,000 $1,185,000
Petuna Aquaculture Pty Ltd Aquaculture Farming Capacity Expansion, Northern Tasmania This $4.48 million project, which comprises Stages 2 and 3 of a larger $8.7 million investment, will expand Petuna's Atlantic Salmon farming capacity at its farm in Rowella, at the mouth of the Tamar River in Northern Tasmania. New pens will be constructed in an innovative new site layout, in which parts of the site will remain permanently fallow. This will ensure the long term environmental sustainability of the lease, encourage optimum fish health, and demonstrate international best practice in salmon farming. The project will create 23 new ongoing full time equivalent employees (FTEs) with an additional 6 FTEs on 12-24 month contracts and a further 12 FTEs during construction. Business Innovation Rowella $850,000 $4,448,230
Break O'Day Council St Helens MTB Trail Network The St Helens Mountain Bike (MTB) Trail Network comprises 66km of quality mountain bike trails on Tasmania's East Coast cementing St Helens as an adventure hub and providing a trail network in a coastal location, something the Tasmanian MTB trail offering is currently missing. The Trail Network comprises 4 gravity trails and 7 stacked loops offering a unique trail experience and a variety of trails suitable for a range of skill levels from beginner to black diamond (the second hardest MTB grading) located in close proximity to a town capable of holding major events. The Network presents a unique but complimentary network of trails to the highly successful Blue Derby MBT Network bringing employment, development and economic activity to St Helens. Local Infrastructure St Helens $1,537,500 $3,158,073
Forager Foods Pty Ltd Specialist Food Powdering and Packing Facility The project will see the construction of a dedicated facility within the existing building that will house a powdering line with mill, sieve and dust extraction along with a packaging line. These two lines will expand Forager Foods' capability in terms of both volume and new products. Customers have been identified who will utilise these lines and it will result in a new capability within Tasmania that doesn't currently exist. Business Innovation Red Hills $75,675 $151,350
Castings Tasmania Pty Ltd Advanced Pattern Manufacturing Advanced pattern manufacturing by way of CNC technology will enable the company to expand its sales through reducing the lead time and cost of producing pattern equipment required for sand moulding in the foundry. Availability of pattern equipment is a significant limitation to the company's growth as new patterns currently have to be produced by conventional pattern making means. The demand for these new patterns is high because the company is growing its customer base, and products being produced. Business Innovation Youngtown $80,000 $160,000
Aquaculture Services Australasia Pty Ltd Aquaculture R&D Facility Aquaculture Services Australasia (ASA) will upgrade an existing facility at Triabunna to become a contemporary and independent R&D hub capable of supporting marine research in aquaculture and ecology. Tank space for trials will deliver improvements in multi-species aquaculture production through increased growth and survivorship, and reduced disease and environmental impact. Implicit in this project is building community support by fostering an innovative approach to aquaculture. This R&D facility will deliver the following industry benefits.
  • Increased production
  • Improved efficiency
  • An integrated eco-aquaculture system
  • Potential to integrate a trade training centre to support education, and ultimately employment, in this regional area.
Business Innovation Triabunna $600,000 $1,690,030
Jayben Australia Pty Ltd Industrial Mobile Plant Development and Manufacturing Facility This project will expand Jayben's manufacturing facilities, plant and equipment, to enable the manufacture of a new range of mobile plant which has been recently commercialised, creating sustainable jobs growth and investment in design capability. The investment is required to ensure efficient manufacture in order to support identified market expansion plans for off-island markets and export opportunities. Jayben has a proven history of bringing new opportunities and products to the region over the past 13 years. Business Innovation Cooee $430,000 $861,000
Hemp Harvests Pty Ltd Hemp Harvests Hemp Seed Processing Facility The project will construct a hemp seed processing facility, including construction of a dedicated building, fit-out, and the purchase and installation of machinery, in order to establish vital value-adding infrastructure to support the region's industrial hemp farmers, while directly creating rural, low-skilled economic opportunities. Business Innovation Red Hills $405,500 $811,000
New Norfolk Rowing Club Incorporated Construction Of Derwent Valley Boat Club (DVBC) Derwent Valley Boat Club (DVBC) is a community-based project to establish a new centre and focus for aquatic leisure and sport. DVBC will take advantage of the superb Derwent River at New Norfolk, and will incorporate relocation of New Norfolk Rowing Club (NNRC) from its current unsafe location on Boyer Road which is used by heavy vehicles. NNRC will relocate to the Esplanade side of the river to improve safety and amenity for all users. DVBC will encourage increased participation in sport and physical activity and will promote health awareness across all community sectors. Establishment of DVBC has a long-term focus on provision of vital community rowing and other facilities, support and leisure services for a growing outer-urban community. Local Infrastructure New Norfolk $1,150,000 $2,300,000
Huon Valley Seafood Pty Ltd Huon Urchin Alliance The Huon Urchin Alliance is a proposed Huon Valley supply chain partnership for provision of processed urchin to Marusui (Japanese importer). Outputs of the proposed RJIP project ar
  • An initial base workforce of at least ten (new) local full time equivalent employees
  • Tasmanian expertise in producing uni for the Japanese market from both Centrostephanus rodgersii (pest species) and Heliocidaris erythrogramma (native species)
  • A financially viable supply chain operating on urchin wildcatch
  • An operational demonstration urchin ranch - Heliocidaris erythrogramma
  • Development of Tasmanian aquaponic (seaweed-urchin) husbandry of Heliocidaris erythrogramma.
Forward planning for a proof of concept Tasmanian urchin hatchery for long term industry growth.
Business Innovation Huonville $465,000 $987,000
Quoin Holdings Pty Ltd The Flinders Wharf Tourism Innovation Hub The Flinders Wharf Tourism Innovation Hub is a new concept with the primary objective of supporting local business innovation, expansion and production by delivering new visitor experiences on Flinders Island. The project will stimulate significant activity for a small economy in transition and assist this remote community to achieve economic growth, increase skills capacity and create jobs. The vision is to develop a world class hospitality and cultural experience on Flinders Island to increase the attraction of local, domestic and international visitors. It will also provide new opportunities for the development and growth of new businesses and investment on Flinders Island. Business Innovation Whitemark $612,450 $1,361,000
Southern Cross Marine Culture Pty. Limited An Innovative Recovery from Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) Utilising the disruption and opportunities of the POMS outbreak, this project extends the scope of both Marine Culture's operations and market integration, increasing our market reach, efficiency, flexibility and robustness with seed inputs and a differentiated product offering. The project has 2 parts at 2 regional sites
  • Part A) Reducing Operation Risks and Costs - by constructing at Little Swanport an oyster nursery to enable a sustainable implementation of our POMS mitigation seed input strategy.
  • Part B) Value Added Processing and Export Market development by constructing at Boomer Bay an export certified processing and packaging capability enabling direct export from Tasmania, to service new channels to market.
Business Innovation Boomer Bay $369,844 $739,689
Tas Sealife Centre Pty Ltd Farm Expansion to Grow POMS Resistant Oysters in South East Tasmania The project will enable us to employ 3 more staff, purchase a larger barge, oyster baskets and their holding gear as well as equipment for intertidal lines, and grow more Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) resistant oyster seed from baby to market sizes. Currently we are growing oyster seed from a family line that had a 93% survival rate in the last POMS season. We have the ability to considerably increase the oyster seed numbers and to do so we need to increase our infrastructure. This project will substantially increase the amount of available juvenile oysters for purchase by local farmers, affected by POMS, to support and increase their productivity to grow oysters out to market size as well as increase our markets. Business Innovation Boomer Bay $193,393 $386,786
Poly Marketing Pty Ltd Fully Integrated Recycling Line for Pelletising Soft Waste Plastics This project will enable the installation of Tasmania's only soft waste plastic recycling plant which will provide long-term solutions for the State's soft plastics. Initially this recycling line will process a minimum of 600 tonnes of silage wrap plus 168 tonnes of fertiliser bags from the agriculture industry, 507 tonnes of fish feed bags from the aquaculture industry & 316 tonnes of tunnel film from the horticulture industry per annum. The above identified waste will provide for 6 full time employees on 2 full time shifts & with the collection of additional soft waste plastic ie: pallet wrap & shrink wrap from vineyards & manufacturers, will provide for a third shift & the strong possibility of self-funding a further recycling line. Business Innovation George Town $736,223 $1,472,446
Oscar Tasmanian Seafood Pty Ltd Development of a Processing Facility for Long-Spined Sea Urchin Roe The long-spined sea urchin devours the natural kelp on Tasmania's east coast and creates hectares of unproductive barrens. The pest depletes rock lobster and abalone stocks, jeopardising Tasmania's $1 billion fisheries industry. Our project will convert the ocean's pest into a highly prized commodity sea urchin roe. To meet local and Asian demand, we will establish a processing and packing facility producing up to 24 tonnes of sea urchin roe per year. Our plant will generate 12 jobs in the first 2 years, and a number of ancillary jobs in the local diving, tourism, transportation and logistics industries. This project will also regenerate Tasmania's reefs, and help protect the valuable abalone and rock lobster fisheries industry Business Innovation Rocherlea $201,817 $403,634
Cultivate Productions Pty Ltd Cultivate Productions Studio The development of a TV and video production studio, including kitchen studio, video production/photography studio, editing suites and offices for Cultivate Productions, including investment in state of the art video production and editing equipment. The facilities and equipment will allow Cultivate Productions to grow its operations in North West Tasmania, producing television, entertainment, educational and promotional content. This will provide employment pathways that currently do not exist in North West Tasmania Cultivate Productions will also use the facilities and their expertise to educate the community, particularly young people in media production. Business Innovation Devonport $300,000 $600,000
Huon Valley Council Huonville Infrastructure Upgrade (Stormwater) This project will enable Council to construct a drainage system which will mitigate flooding issues associated with runoff in the Huonville Main Drain catchment, facilitate development and promote more holistic stormwater management. Local Infrastructure Huonville $1,614,758 $3,229,516
Australian Honey Products Pty Ltd Honey Based Craft Brewery and Distillery The project will supply the equipment needed to upgrade the existing honey based craft brewery along with the addition of a distillery to produce small volume honey based speciality products. It will provide additional value adding to honey sourced from within Tasmania and will enhance Tasmania's reputation for producing unique beverages and foods. Business Innovation Launceston $175,000 $350,000
Ratho Developments Pty Ltd Ratho Farm Golf Links & Highlands Resort Australia's Oldest Golf Course has the opportunity to become a world-class golf destination and one of the country's funnest golf courses, with some simple upgrades to a few golf holes to make them much safer and more sustainable, and a major investment in modernising the golf course's irrigation system. This will ensure the golf destination evolves from being a novelty for history buffs and discerning golfers, to being one of the major destinations in Tasmania's growing golf economy, and an important resource for Tasmania's own public golfers and existing members. Business Innovation Bothwell $73,000 $146,000
Kentish Council Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trails Project - Stage 2 This project is stage 2 of the Wild Mersey mountain bike trail project in regional Tasmania, which will see the construction of 45kms of world-class mountain bike trails, new trail head facilities at Warrawee and redevelopment of toilet block at the Sheffield trail head. Local Infrastructure Latrobe $800,000 $1,600,000
Glamorgan Spring Bay Council Prosser Plains Raw Water Scheme: Aquaculture, Agriculture & Tourism The construction of the Prosser Plains Raw Water Scheme (PPRWS) is the game changer for a regional economy still suffering from the significant downturn in Tasmania's forestry. Capturing and distributing this region's heavy yet irregular rainfalls will deliver water surety to unlock $97 million of capital investment, includes over $80 million of private investment, plus create between 85 to 100 direct jobs when completed across the three key sectors of tourism, aquaculture and agri-business. The PPRWS will also provide additional water capacity and contingency for the region's strategic potable water needs to service now increased growth expected in residential and commercial development in response to PPRWS coming online. Local Infrastructure Buckland $2,337,500 $4,675,000
Live Well Tasmania Training youth via an Agrifood Social Enterprise This project will provide a combination of on-the-job training and classroom training for job seekers via units from the Certificate III in Horticulture, and a non-accredited Unit - 'Job Readiness and Establishing a Social Enterprise/Small Business'. The on-the-job training will incorporate beginning to set up an Agrifood Social Enterprise which aims to make the project sustainable in the longer term. This will benefit the region by building both demand and supply for locally produced food. Skills and Training Calder $26,951 $53,902
Stillwater Providore and Gallery Pty Ltd Stillwater Inn The vision for the Stillwater Inn project is to create a brand aligned and category leader in accommodation for Tasmania in the historic waterfront Ritchie's Mill. We want to create an iconic short stay experience focused around our Tasmanian food and beverage culture supporting local growers, makers and artisans showcasing Tasmania's architectural heritage and 19th century building innovation in this architectural treasure. This will build on the already iconic Stillwater restaurant brand and service quality endeavouring to lift the bar for service in the accommodation sector and adding much needed 5 star accommodation to the city. Business Innovation Launceston $200,750 $821,500
Norske Skog Paper Mills (Australia) Limited Investment Ready Analysis for Commercial Cyrene Production in Tasmania This project will establish the feasibility of building a commercial-scale advanced manufacturing facility in Tasmania to produce platform and specialty biochemicals from certified, renewable plantation forest biomass wastes. Underpinned by strong international legislation, high value products from this facility would be destined for global export into pharma- and agrichemical industries with a need to replace a range of existing toxic, fossil-derived chemicals with safer alternatives. This would be the first commercial facility of its kind. Beyond the initial capital investment, an operating facility would create new high-skilled jobs, support the transformation of the Tasmanian forestry sector and contribute significantly to state GDP. Business Innovation Boyer $1,507,500 $3,015,000
Freycinet Marine Farm Pty Ltd Vertically Integrated Seafood Production & Farmgate Tourism Expansio This project will vertically integrate Freycinet Marine Farm's (FMF) seafood production and farmgate tourism business from farming operations through to retail sales and promotion of tourism experiences. The project will expand oyster and mussel production through in-water development, purchase of an additional production boat to allow more efficient access to deep sea leases and construction of farm and visitor facilities to support increased production and tourism demand. The project will construct and fit-out the marine farmgate commercial kitchen to expand the current integrated production, farmgate and retail store offering to visitors and develop a premium Tasmanian value-added packaged seafood product range. Business Innovation Coles Bay $306,366 $612,732
Lease 15 Pty Ltd Pipeclay Oysters Norfolk Bay Marine Farm Development The Tasmanian Oyster Industry is slowly recovering from POMS which critically impacted the industry in January 2016, destroying many millions of oysters and placing many businesses and jobs in jeopardy. This project will further develop Pipeclay Oysters' existing Norfolk Bay Marine Farm, which has remained POMS free, by establishing additional capacity to produce ongrower oysters i.e. oysters of around 50mm which are then sold to other farms for finishing to market. There is currently unmet demand for ongrower oysters and an opportunity for the business to leverage off its success in producing ongrower oysters and undertake an expansion to supply other growers in need of this product, assisting in the industry's post POMS recovery. Business Innovation Taranna $90,000 $194,000
Cameron of Tasmania Pty. Ltd. Sub-Tidal Cultivation and Harvesting Modernization Program The project will construct a floating deep water oyster farming system, including equipment installation and decommissioning of existing infrastructure, to cultivate and harvest hardened, marketable deep water oysters on a commercial scale without the need for relocation to intertidal waters prior to harvesting. Business Innovation Eagle Hawk Neck $353,858 $707,717
SeaPerfect Pty Ltd Multi-species Shellfish Hatchery/Nursery Operation Securing the Future This project supports the recovery of the Tasmanian Pacific Oyster industry following the outbreak of POMS, by being responsive to producers needing to adopt a variety of key strategies, including selective breeding for resistance to disease, exposure to POMS at smaller sizes, reducing the costs of losing stock at a bigger size, and protecting oysters through biosecurity. It provides sustainable opportunities, to build upon the knowledge and investment in capital and people to diversify into other species including Flat Oysters and Sydney Rock Oysters which are high valued and immune to POMS, removing the roadblocks to growth and profit. It does this through expansion in SeaPerfect's hatchery and nursery allowing species diversification. Business Innovation Little Swanport $243,107 $486,214
Australian Quality Honey Pty Ltd Australian Quality Honey Pty Ltd Expansion and Visitor Experience The project will expand the current capacity of the Blue Hills Honey (BHH) / Australian Quality Honey Pty Ltd (AQH) by 100 per cent, increasing our production capacity from 80 tonnes (60% total volume retail packages) to approximately 160 tonnes per year. AQH export 60% of their product into segments that require levels of quality, efficiency and volume. The incorporation of state of the art honey filling technology will increase productivity and the output of value added products. The proposed extensions to infrastructure at the home site will allow the company to diversify its operations and enter the Tourism Industry. Business Innovation Mawbanna $369,345 $738,690
Westhaven Dairy Pty Ltd Professional approach to cheese presentation, ahead of the game! Westhaven Dairy Pty Ltd is an innovative specialty dairy manufacturing business based in Launceston, Northern Tasmania. The project is designed to secure and expand this Artisan producers range presenting a professionally packaged product to the market. The new equipment including a therm-a-form machine, labeling and metal detection capability, will ensure the facility can compete not only on price but presentation. Markets have been identified locally, nationally and internationally assuring the demand for the additional capacity and new products. Business Innovation Invermay $160,021 $320,042
T.O.P. Fish Pty Ltd Top Fish Pty Ltd Octopus Freezer Vessel Purchase and Commissioning The project will introduce of an additional specialist octopus catcher vessel into the fleet, capable of freezing the catch at sea. Octopuses are highly perishable and need to be snap frozen within 12 hours of being caught. This vessel will have a much wider range enabling increased production, maximising the current octopus fishing licenses (covering all of Bass Strait up to latitude 39deg12S, almost to Victoria, and an octopus permit to fish the East Coast of Tasmania). This increased capacity and capability will result in an additional 6 employees and enable an increase in production while having less impact on the fishery by fishing a far broader area. This project will help meet the current market demand for the supply of a quality Tasmanian product. Business Innovation Stanley $350,000 $700,000
Gourmet Oil (Australia) Pty Ltd Hagen Oil Liquid Waste Services Processing Facility The project will construct a new waste water and mineral based oil treatment plant as a large extension to an existing building. The plant will provide Tasmania with a purpose built facility to accommodate an increased demand for oil recycling and to collect waste bilge water from research vessels returning from Antarctica to the Port of Hobart for transportation to the new facility for processing. Business Innovation Invermay $75,000 $150,000
Flinders Island Tourism and Business Inc Café in the North: Working title from the Destination Action Plan This project will deliver a facility at Killiecrankie in the north of Flinders Island that will contribute significantly to the visitor economy, to the experience of visitors to Flinders Island and to the Flinders Island community. The project will build a café and community centre. The project will also provide an accommodation unit for the operator of the café. In partnership with the community organisation that will be the owner of the facility and manage its operations the project will undertake and complete a process of business establishment. The outcomes of this project will contribute to economic growth and diversification, job creation and a sustainable community on Flinders Island. Local Infrastructure Killiecrankie $365,000 $365,000
St Giles Society Limited Providing an Entrepreneurial Opportunity for People with Disability St Giles, in collaboration with Illuminate Education, will deliver four short-term self-employment accelerators in the North and North West of Tasmania to assist people with mild and sensory disabilities to engage in a process to identify their interests, strengths and passions, and translate them into business plans. Through sharing specific content and peer mentoring, these individuals will grow in skills and confidence to start their own businesses, inspiring everyone in their network with the opportunities that can be grasped. Skills and Training Launceston $40,352 $81,202
Freshline Marketing Pty Ltd Shallot Peeling and Value Adding Processing Line This project will provide for the addition of shallot peeling and value adding to current fresh shallot supply throughout Australia. Business Innovation Western Junction $70,000 $170,000

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