What are RSPs?

RSPs offer scientific or technical services on commercial terms. You can engage RSPs to perform R&D activities on your behalf.

You can claim the R&D tax incentive for expenditure on eligible R&D activities that a registered RSP conducts for you. For RSPs to be registered under the R&DTI, they must meet requirements set out in legislation. This includes requirements to have access to suitable facilities in Australia, research staff, capability, experience and capacity to provide R&D services in specific fields of research.

RSPs can help you plan and conduct your eligible R&D activities and provide the latest technology, know-how and resources in your field of research. This may help you undertake your R&D more quickly and boost your R&D outcomes.

They may also help you innovate, develop and commercialise new products, processes or services.

Work with RSPs

1. Find RSPs

We publish a public list of RSPs when they register with us. We provide their location, contact information and research specialities. Search the RSP register to identify research service providers in the field(s) you require for your R&D activities.

List of Research Service Providers

View a list of the current registered RSPs, their locations, contact details and research specialities.

View RSPs

2. Contact RSPs

Once you identify potential RSPs to work with, you should contact them to discuss your R&D and project needs. This will help you decide if they’re the right RSP for you.

3. Discuss IP arrangements and negotiate a contract

Discuss Intellectual Property arrangements with your chosen RSP and negotiate a contract for R&D services. The Department of Education has released a Higher Education Research Commercialisation Intellectual Property Framework that provides:

  • step-by-step information to help you learn more about intellectual property in university-industry collaborative research
  • standardised agreement templates to assist you in negotiations.

Find out more about registering intellectual property for your business.

4. Plan and conduct eligible R&D activities

Work with your RSP to plan and conduct your eligible R&D activities.

5. Keep records of eligible activities and expenditure

Keep records of the R&D activities your RSP conducts on your behalf and eligible R&D expenditure you incur on those activities. Read about eligible expenditure on the ATO website.

6. Apply to register for the R&D Tax Incentive

Apply to register your eligible R&D activities with us within 10 months of the end of the income year in which you conduct the activities. You must register with us before you claim the offset as part of your company’s income tax return.

7. Receive the benefit

Claim a tax offset through your company tax return with the ATO. Find out how to lodge your claim with the ATO.

Research Service Providers

Learn about companies that have worked with RSPs.

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