To help spread the good cheer, we have created a list of helpful tools and resources to help you on your business journey.

12 business tools and resources

1. Cyber security checklist

Our cyber security checklist can help you find out how cyber secure your business is and how you can strengthen it against cyber threats.

2. Emergency management plan template

Emergencies can strike without warning, so it’s important you’re prepared. Use our emergency management plan template to create a plan to ensure you and your employees are prepared for anything that comes your way.

3. Marketing plan template

Do you need help defining your marketing strategy and identifying the best activities and channels to market your products or services? You can develop your marketing plan with our marketing plan template.

4. Grants finder

Our Grant finder is a free database with more than 500 government grants and programs providing funding and support. Take a look and see what your business might be eligible for.

5. Events finder

Do you want to improve your business skills or grow your network? Our Events finder can help you search for online and in-person training or networking opportunities.

6. Adviser finder

Sometimes we all need a little help running our business, our Adviser finder is a handy tool to search for expert business advisers relevant to your interests and location.

7. Digital readiness assessment tool

Do you know how digital mature your business is? Our Digital Readiness Assessment Tool will help you better understand how digitally prepared your business is. You will be asked questions about your business’s digital tools, channels and data digital usage. Based on your answers your will receive a list of recommendations to improve your business.

8. Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS)

To help you find all the licences and regulations for your business based on your business type, location and operations – use the Australian Business Licence and Information Service.

9. Hiring tools

If you want to expand your team, check out our free tools to help businesses hire employees. The hiring employees checklist and the Employment Contract Tool are designed to help you understand the hiring process and build a tailored employment contract that fulfils all your legal obligations.

10. Growing your business checklist

Looking for way to expand your business? Use our growing your business checklist to explore opportunities for growth and understand your obligations as your business changes.

11. Business health checklist

It’s important to check in on your business, our business health checklist is designed to help you check your business’s goals, finance, health and safety to ensure you’re running smoothly.

12. Business plan tool

If you’re just starting a business or reviewing your business, our business plan tool provides you with simple, step-by-step guidance on how to write a business plan. It's a faster and easier way to evaluate your new business idea and set goals for the year ahead. The business plan tool asks you a series of questions about your business, and at the end you will get a business plan that can be emailed or downloaded.

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